❤ “Boudior”

Back at it! 

I created this website from my laptop, literally on my lap, while sitting on my living room couch.  I forced myself to stay up some nights until nearly 3 a.m. planning out captivating ideas for all the lovely people out there that will want to read, while staying true to a concept and voice that is authentic to me.  In blogging, they say being something who you are not or being fake is transparent and comes across to readers as so immediately.  So, with that in mind, I want this project to be great, which is why I took my time to be mindful about what direction, focus and message I want to get across.  Once, I was grounded on concept, I needed room to write and a space where I could lay out all my ideas.  I needed a space now, to design and that meant to create a writing space where I can totally “zen out” with no distractions and get some words out on the page in peace.

After months of “negotiating” (begging and pleading rather) with my boyfriend to share the spare bedroom where he keeps his clothes and gets dressed, so that I can “be creative”, he finally gave in.  One day, totally out of the blue, he had set up my laptop, monitor and moved our comfy chair up to the desk as a surprise.

What he didn’t know was that I had been dreaming about that moment since the day I started planning to write this blog – I had already imagined exactly what I wanted it to look like.  So once that talk was out of the way and I had finally secured my desk spot, it was all systems go! (and so, he couldn’t change his mind haha) I mean if you give me an inch, I’ll go a mile and this case was no exception – I had to get my vision out in real life – sort of like the purpose for writing this blog.  

Unbeknownst to him, I had some serious time to plan out what I wanted to look like – lamps and all.  Several shopping sprees later, multiple trips up and down the stairs (got my steps in!) and coming home to “you bought what now?”  I managed to schlep home all the goods I needed to get to work on putting them together.  I may or may not have gone a little overboard – I mean did I really need that light up letter B or vintage mink stole at the antique store as a throw for over the chair?  Probably not, but I couldn’t resist!  I keep telling Jon, all these purchases are for research purposes. *Wink Wink* Hence, the danger in letting me out of the house to go shopping unsupervised – I’ll convince myself I have to have it.  Anyone else relate?

By the time I had everything laid out, displayed and arranged in a certain way on the desk, I stepped back and observed.  It was chaos, I could not even find where the top of the desk was anymore.  There was A LOT going on (Jon rolling his eyes yet again and me insisting “just wait until it’s done”) After roughly fifteen attempts to rearrange, remove or edit certain items, I think I finally got it just right.  There may be a few more edits here and there, but who’s counting? 

Lessons learned: how to communicate with your significant other to always get your way.  Jk jk – we compromised.  He was a really good sport about it too and let me just “do my thing.”

He still has the other half of the room and his closet too.  Although it’s funny because our styles are like night and day.  His is sporty and functional and mine is girly, frilly and aesthetically based.   He does not understand the need for extra “stuff” that has no use.  The tea set I bought antiquing, for example, gives him the creeps because he thinks it belonged to a dead grandma.  I think it’s cute and it can be functional.  So, when you walk into the room, at first it looks like Martha Stewart living met running back for the Dallas Cowboys legend, Emmitt Smith, decided to go halves on it, and this was the finished product.  So, look out for us in Architectural Digest’s latest feature “Den Designs that Inspire for Fall” is all I’m saying 😉  We’re both happy – and that’s what matters most 😊

Where to shop:

The best part is that I did manage to do all this under a somewhat “tight” budget.  I got thrifty by seeking out haunts like antique stores for one-of-a-kind additions and the Dollar Tree for basics like fall scented candles, frames, variety of vases, glassware and more.  I also organized all our closet spaces in our apartment and cleaned out that pesky “top drawer” that I have wanted to do for months.  I bought all new storage containers there too and it looks great.  I can get the same thing for a dollar as I can at Target for $15 – I know because I compared items 💁‍♀️

Target – to find quality lamps with the correct dimensions to fit on either end  of the desk.

Home Goods – for odds and ends – such as the white bird jewelry display on the upper shelf.

Pottery Barn – for overstuffed desk chair

Ikea – for furry white rug – all about mixing textures here!

I shopped my old trustee, Trader Joe’s where I can always find the best flowers and plants for a great price.  I shop once a week for fresh flowers to make a themed table arrangement.  I shop for indoor plants (i.e. succulents) as well as fresh roses, potted begonias and whatever else is in season at the time.

The rest of the items I either had around the house or have collected over time.

I love exploring new places – so I’ll keep you posted on more great finds.  I would love to hear about the places you love to shop for home decor.  Feel free to share!

What you need to create your space:

  1.  A sturdy desk 😊
  2. Good lighting – natural light if you’ve got it is a huge bonus but if not, invest in some nice lamps/lampshades with soft white bulbs to warm up the room.
  3. Color –  Add some pretty colors and aesthetics to your domain.  For instance, a fun pillow with fur in a vibrant color or fresh flowers, plants, and greenery can add instant life to any space. 
  4. A solid, comfy and potentially overstuffed chair – one that you can sit in for a couple hours without getting tired.
  5. Function – add a USB port to your computer plug in so you can charge your devices simultaneously while you work.
  6. Flair – add some collectibles or items that hold sentimental value to you, like a silver box that your grandmother gave you that reminds you of her and brings you joy throughout the day.
  7. Scents – add candles, potpourri, energizing citrus or calming lavender fragrances, for example, that gives you a sense of focus, energy or calmness that you need to enhance your mood.

For now, I am content and so excited to announce that I have a home for my laptop to blog from. And I had such a good time shopping for this little project (including the fun lil’ gems I found along the way), despite the minor annoyances I may have caused.  This space feels more like home to me.  I have arrived 😊 and to showcase a little preview of the new nest, please see the finished product below

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more ways to design various spaces in your home, on a budget.  More to come!

💋 T.B.D.