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    🖤 Bailey’s Q&A Style Tips: How to Freshen Up Your Street Style

    Woman in trend multilayered outfit walks in autumn city street. Fashion street trends

    Q: I’m feeling a bit bored with my style and outfits lately? Any tips on how I can freshen up my street style in 2021? 

    A: Let’s face it, every now and again we get into a style funk and need a little fashion inspiration to get us by. So, here are some styling tips and tricks that will help pull you out of your style rut and freshen up your street style.

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    💙 Be Adventurous: What to Pack on a Local Winter Vacation

    Open suitcase with stuff for winter vacation on table against mountain landscape - packing for winter vacation.

    If you’re like the many of us who stayed home during the holidays and are looking for a little adventure this winter, now may be a perfect time to plan a winter vacation. Also, with many of us working remotely, vacation rentals with extended stays are now becoming more common in some of the most fantastic cold-weather destinations. Even if it’s just going to a secluded cabin in the woods where you can remain as socially distant as possible while enjoying the snowy outdoors with your family, you can still have some fun in nature. Also, these don’t have to be a far drive from home if you live close to any of these areas. So, if you’re itching for a little getaway, I’ve narrowed down a list of the essentials to pack for your extended stay winter vacation! 

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    💙 Blue Jean Baby: Trending Jeans for Women in 2021

    A row of jeans hanging

    There is nothing more timeless than denim jeans. It’s more than likely the one article of clothing that most people wear most often in their wardrobe. Jeans are in one word versatile. They go with anything and everything which makes them so great. In 2020, we saw a lot of loungewear, athletic wear and athleisure pieces as the standard for fashion. However, I, like many, are ready to get dressed up again. So, in 2021 (while it may have been a couple months since you last pulled out a pair of jeans) it’s at least time we start discussing what’s trending in women’s denim. That way, we will be informed when we decide we’re ready to start wearing jeans again. Ahead, is a list of the top trending styles of jeans for women in 2021.


    woman wearing mom jeans with a high-waist

    The high-waisted jean trend is on the on the rise. Get it? Not like it ever really left but it’s definitely one that’s here to stay. Especially when designed in crop styles like waisted wide leg crops, or culottes. We may have once laughed and called them “mom jeans”, but this style has quickly become a household name. They are practically a staple in most women’s closets these days. Additionally, they are one of the most flattering styles and help define an hour-glass silhouette on any figure. Boyfriend styles are also back. So, bring out your high-waisted, loose fitting styles with rolled cuffs as they will be on trend again.


    Denim bootcut jeans isolated on white

    Skinny jean lovers will rejoice when they discover this long and lean bootcut style is trending again. But in 2021, it has a modern, flare if you will. This 2021 jean trend is reminiscent of the seventies bell bottom trend, however without as dramatic of a flare. The trend lies in the length of the flare’s floor skimming design. Basically, the longer the length, the better. You can wear it with a high heel or a low flat depending on the occasion. Dress your skinny bootcut jeans up with a chic button down, belted trench coat with heeled boots or pointed stilettos.


    Full length young smiling woman 20s curly hair wear white casual knitted sweater jeans looking camera hold hands crossed folded isolated on pastel pink background studio portrait

    Remember the JNCO craze that was mostly a 90’s teen skater sensation? Well, these loose fit, wide leg and oversized jeans are coming back in style. You want the jeans to be baggy enough, so if the loose fabric pools at your ankles, that’s the look you want. In addition, add cargo styles to this category. The cargo jean is another trending style that has been resurrected from the 90’s. Wide leg cuts are fashion forward and especially in lighter washes this season. These generous fitting jeans are best paired with chunky sneakers, boots, sweaters, crop tops, and graphic tees when it comes to winter fashion. 


    Modern women's "balloon" jeans isolated on white, top view

    Levi’s recently introduced us to the balloon jean which has put a modern twist on some of the more classic styles. Balloon jeans have a slightly voluminous leg throughout the thigh area, then taper back in towards a narrower ankle. These styles are also fashionable in a high-waisted, crop or shorter fit. You could also keep it cool and destroyed by trying ripped or distressed denim here too. It adds just the right amount of edge to any look. Try balloon jeans in a dark, black or a slightly washed denim which would be cute with classic loafers or ballet flats. Complete the look with an adorable matching cropped tank and cardigan sweater set.


    Woman in crop flare jeans with unfinished hem

    Flare styles are also back as a top trending jeans style for 2021. And, like most other trends this year, the crop is in, or kick flare. If you choose the kick flare style, opt for a shorter length jean that balances out a chunky boot. Or, pair them with a trendy sock boot. A high-waisted flare would pair well with a smoothing bodysuit or mock neck turtleneck and cropped leather jacket. Conversely, long flare jeans and bell bottoms are fashion forward too. Pick your flares that have stretch for mobility and comfort. Pair them with a feminine blouse and a platform boot for a polished winter look. 


    Blue women's straight leg jeans isolated on white background. Casual style. Front view

    Skinny jeans are not necessarily out of style this year, but let’s just say the straight leg jean is stepping in during the interim. Straight leg jeans can be styled similarly to skinny jeans, so it shouldn’t be much of a difference. One jean that has gained a lot of popularity recently is the Levi’s ribcage high waist straight leg ankle jean. They are slimming, on-trend and practically are the “it” jean of this season. Try this style in a lighter wash with a sleek turtleneck and plaid blazer.

    In conclusion, now that we are off to a great start in 2021, let’s make an effort to start dressing up again. The styles discussed here will help get you started on choosing the type of jeans that are trending right now. The one thing that I am thankful for is that low rise jeans did not make a comeback. You know the ultra low-rise belly baring style à la Paris Hilton circa 2003? Yeah, let’s just hope that one stays back in that era for good.



    Written in partnership with Zulily. For more Life & Style posts on The Find, follow this link.

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    🤍 Be Prepared: Work from Home Essentials for a 2021 Refresh

    Work-from-home sign.

    It’s never too early to hit the reset button. The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to do just that! So, while we explore all the possibilities for new beginnings this year, let’s start with a 2021 refresh that starts in the home. Here you will discover new work-from-home essentials, tools and helpful solutions that will enhance your work from home lifestyle for a 2021 refresh. The goal? To love where you live.

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    💝 Be Organized: A Closet Organization Guide for the New Year

    Woman organizing her closet.

    A new year calls for new goals and a fresh start! So, let’s begin the year with a closet organization! That will give you a clean slate right out of the gate. Having an organized closet will simplify the process of getting dressed every morning, eliminate stress and increase efficiency in your morning routine. It’s about time getting ready every morning stopped feeling like a chore and started feeling more like an experience you look forward to. Personally, my closet is my sanctuary. It’s my own little space in the home which I can call my own and decorate/design however I want. Then, fill it with all my favorite clothing pieces, brand new, or that I have collected over time. After all, when your clothes are organized beautifully and everything is handled with care, you will have no problem deciding what to wear! So, here are some closet organization ideas to help get your new year off to a great start!  

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    💙 Bailey’s Q&A Style Tips: How to Style a Scarf this Winter

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    Beautiful woman drinking hot coffee girl portrait outdoors

    Q: What is a fun, new way that I can jazz up my winter look?

    A: Add a scarf to your winter ensemble! There are so many fun ways you can style it, that you can get so many looks out of just one scarf!

    In my opinion, scarves don’t get enough credit in the winter wardrobe department. Not only are they highly functional for warmth, but they add an eye-catching color or pattern to any outfit. I recently purchased an oversized camel scarf with fringe that I never leave home without. It’s so large that it drags on the ground if I don’t wrap it around a few times, but that’s the beauty of it! I can style it so many ways that it’s like I have a new scarf every time I wear it! So, do yourself a favor and purchase an oversized scarf this winter and here are a few ways you can style it!

    The Simple Drape

    Fashionable woman walks on city street wearing a draped winter scarf.

    The simple drape is the easiest way you can wear your scarf as you simply let your scarf drape around your neck and let it hang. This may not be the warmest way to wear your scarf but it will definitely provide a nice pop of color or pattern mixing to your outfit. Think a solid colored, long wool coat paired with a plaid or houndstooth print scarf. This style is a casual chic streetwear look that pairs great with everything.

    The Belted Drape

    woman wearing pink coated and leopard print scarf that is belted in winter

    The belted drape style is another great way to change up your look. When belted, you kinda get that cool menswear sweater vest vibe that’s really on trend right now. To achieve this look, simply drape your scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang over your outfit. Then, add a skinny belt over the scarf at your waist. This look would work with a basic white long sleeve tunic and jeans. You could totally play around with different types of belts with big belt buckles too. Finally, layer your belted scarf with your favorite winter coat.

    The Toss

    An elderly senior woman sitting outdoors on a terrace in on a sunny day in winter

    The toss is another staple in the world of scarf styling. It’s a common way to wear your scarf, but noteworthy, as it’s classy and sophisticated. Simply drape your scarf evenly around your neck, then toss one end over your shoulder. This look goes with anything from dressy to casual! I like to wear mine tossed over my left shoulder then I spread out the sides for a drapey look. Pair it with a T-shirt, jeans and winter coat.

    The Reverse Drape

    Closeup face of young happy woman enjoy winter, wearing scarf and woolen cap. Smiling black girl looking away outdoor. Carefree woman with knitted hat and woolen scarf

    The reverse drape looks similar to the look of a cowl neck sweater. Simply drape the scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang. Then, toss each end of the scarf over each shoulder. Finally, pull and fluff the scarf to create that cowl-neck effect which will definitely keep your neck warm. This will also pair nicely over a simple top or sweater. 

    The European Loop or Classic Pull Through

    woman sitting in a cafe wearing a european loop scarf in winter.

    The European loop is a classic. This scarf styling technique is fairly standard but it’s still chic and will polish off your look. For this tie, double your scarf in half, and loop it over your neck to bring both of the ends to the front. Then, pull the loose ends through the loop and gently tighten. This one is great for showcasing your scarf and for keeping your neck warm! This style is great dressed up or down. 


    Bailey (in partnership with Zulily)

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    💓 Be Excited! What to Buy After the Holidays: All the Best Post-Christmas Sales on Clothing & Accessories

    I wrote this post for Zulily. For more Life & Style posts on The Find, follow this link.
    excited woman on laptop with christmas tree in background - online christmas shopping who shopped a christmas a sale and got a great deal.

    If you are a bargain shopper and wait until the end of the holiday season to shop the sales, then now is the time for you! This is the time many stores clear out any leftover holiday decor or clothing the day after Christmas by putting them on clearance or major mark downs. In the week after Christmas last year, DealNews.com reported “about 26% of deals were on clothing and accessories.” So, this is a shopper’s chance to get some major discounts or to stock up on items for next year! Who says holiday shopping has to end at Christmas?! It is also important to have a game plan so that you know where all the deals are at. Here is some guidance on what to shop for after the holidays and all the best post-Christmas sales in clothing and accessories.

    Winter Wear

    Mature Couple Enjoying Shopping In City Together during a post-christmas sale.

    Merchandisers begin to roll over their cold weather stock to start preparing for new spring merch beginning in mid to late January. So, now is a good time to start looking out for New Years sales on all types of cold weather gear, ski clothes, coats, jackets, gloves, hats and vests. Check out these amazing deals in the cold-weather shop. There’s great stuff for the entire family too and now’s the time to stock up on all the winter coats and accessories!


    As mentioned above, stores are getting ready for the next season, spring. Therefore, heavier pieces like coats and jackets will need to be replaced with spring apparel. I love a good puffer coat which is a great style to grab right now and the prices are insane! Expect to see lots of sales going on now through the end of January, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Pajamas & Robes

    woman online shopping on her laptop in pajamas during a post-christmas sale.

    As one of the hottest items of the Christmas season, it’s funny how quickly their popularity changes the second the holiday passes. Regardless, you can find some great deals on cozy PJs and robes at great prices. You can either use them this year, especially if you live in a colder environment, or stock up for next year! Robes and pajamas rarely go out of style, so find ones that are high in quality too.

    Winter Snow Boots & Slippers

    Now is also a great time to buy those expensive boots or luxe slippers you have been eyeing for several months! Treat yourself and without the guilt because so many retailers have slashed their prices on your favorite boots and slippers. Don’t ask me why, but I had to have these slippers with sequins on them. Especially, because I found them at a great price! Special deals and sequins get me every time!

    Holiday Attire

    girls shopping for dresses

    You know all those glitzy and sparkly items that we normally wear around Christmas and New Years? Well, I bet most stores have a little extra merch that they want to sell given that this year’s holiday season was mainly at-home. So, all those sequin dresses, satin skirts, and velvet jumpers await. This is another great opportunity to score fun glam pieces for next year at a discount. Or, if you just like sparkly pieces in general to rock anytime of the year like me! Sequin slippers anyone?

    Fashion Jewelry

    Major retailers also tend to drop prices on fashion jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can find items like everyday 18k gold-plated stud earrings, a statement necklace a unique Turquoise cocktail ring. I love snagging an extra set of stud earrings or small hoops as somehow I also tend to misplace mine. Side note: most fine jewelry will not go on sale or be discounted in department stores until after the Valentine’s Day holiday. So, for now, grab some fun, fashion jewelry pieces at a great price.

    Men’s Suits

    This time of year is also a great time to shop men’s suits! Personally, I remember my dad shopping for work suits the day after Christmas every year with my uncle. It was like their little tradition together. He would usually find two or three new suits each year that he could rotate into his suit collection. Suits can be pricey, so this was a pretty good idea/investment. Thus, depending on what you are looking for, there are some great finds shopping menswear as well.

    holidays, x-mas, sale and people concept - happy young woman in winter clothes with shopping bags over christmas tree lights background during a post-christmas sale.

    It is important to keep in mind that while these deals and sales may last a long time, the selection will decrease over time and sell out quickly. Especially in sizes, colors, and top-selling picks. Most sales last through January, but make sure you shop before then if you want the best items to choose from. So make sure to start your post-Christmas shopping earlier if you want to get the best selection at the best prices! For other tips on day after Christmas sales on non-clothing items, find them here. Happy hunting, everyone!



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    💖 Be Joyous! New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas for a Party at Home

    I wrote this post for Zulily. For more Life & Style posts on The Find, follow this link.
    Excited woman throwing glitter wearing red

    It’s time to celebrate! We have made it to the end of one of the craziest years yet, so that’s reason enough throw a party and give it the send off it deserves. As with Christmas, the majority of people spent their holiday festivities with a low key celebration at home. New Year’s Eve will be following a very similar theme, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting dressed up. Personally, I think it’s so much fun to add a little touch of sequin, sparkle or glam to your outfit to dress it up. Especially because it’s for this very festive one night out of the year. After all, we need to go into 2021 as stylishly as we can to start off this New Year right?! 

    The approach to this year’s New Year’s Eve fashion theme is to dress up your casual looks. So, that means, add feathers to your satin pajamas, or sequins to your slippers. Follow my drift? This year’s motif is “Cozy Glam!” Therefore; I have listed some of my favorite outfit ideas for a stay-at-home New Year’s Eve party this year. So, let’s get started!

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    💛 Be a Trendsetter: Top Winter Outfit Trends of 2020-2021

    This post was written for Zulily. For more Life & Style posts like this, follow this link.
    lay flat of winter outfit

    As the world evolves, fashion evolves with it. Fashion and clothing have to be reflective of the times that we are living in order for it to be relevant and wearable to the consumer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that fashion norms have been redefined this year in order to keep up with what people are realistically going to wear. As we continue to gravitate towards comfort, especially in the winter season, so has the fashion market. Whatever fashion designers projected as being the top trending looks this winter, most likely had to be altered in some way. Now, as we follow this shift in trend we notice many styles are still constant for winter: velvets, knits, faux leathers and furs. However, many of these classics have been redesigned giving you many more ways to wear them. Ahead are some of the top winter outfit trends of 2020-2021 explained.