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πŸ–€ Bailey’s Q&A Style Tips: How to Freshen Up Your Street Style

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Q: I’m feeling a bit bored with my style and outfits lately? Any tips on how I can freshen up my street style in 2021? 

A: Let’s face it, every now and again we get into a style funk and need a little fashion inspiration to get us by. So, here are some styling tips and tricks that will help pull you out of your style rut and freshen up your street style.


The front tuck can be used on essentially any shirt you wear, an oversized sweater, button down, T-shirt, you name it. It’s fairly basic too. Just take the middle part of your shirt and loosely tuck it down letting the rest of the shirt hang. The best part is, the more effortless it looks, the better. So, don’t put much thought into it. It’s simply a great way to stylize any top and freshen up your street style.


Try layering which is especially conducive and easy to do in the winter. One cute layering outfit idea would be a turtleneck under overalls with a wool or peacoat, for example. Or, layer a blouse or long-sleeve with an on-trend sweater vest and jeans. You can go the extra mile by adding a scarf, blazer and/or long trench coat. Another fun layering piece this winter is the crop super puff jacket over a simple top which is a fun way to play with proportions too. Find other great ways to style and layer jackets here.


Pattern-mix like a pro by playing with different patterns and textures in one look. From animal print, stripes, suedes, metallics, florals, velvets, etc. Really no print or material is off limits here. Pick a color choice and find out what balance of pattern/texture mixing works for you. Pattern mixing shows fashion intelligence when done correctly and it will definitely freshen up your street style.


Add a hat or a beanie to your look! I love sporting a bright colored beanie during the dreary colder months to help boost my spirits. Especially when I’m keeping the rest of my outfit more neutral, it adds that pop of color. You could also try a wide-brim hat in a dark or light neutral color to make a bold fashion statement. It adds character to any outfit.


Opt for a head-to-toe look all in one hue. This also simplifies the process of getting ready. For this example, you could do a winter white ensemble which is especially pretty this time of year. You can even do mis-matching whites (beige and white together) which adds to the appeal of this chic look. Another option is to do a full on matching sweatsuit in grey, white, black or camel. Then, layer with a long puffer or wool coat in a similar color scheme. Monochromatic looks are trending and are a surefire way to freshen up your street style in 2021.



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Bailey Stuvland is a California girl who loves talking about all things fashion. With more than ten years of styling experience for personal clients and with brands like Stitch Fix, she enjoys helping others find what they love to wear. Her mission is to help people not only look good on the outside, but feel good on the inside by having fun with outfits, accessories and beauty. You can find her blog at The Bailey Dailies.

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