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    💜 My Five Favorite Fashion Items I Love To Buy On Zulily.com

    I have been shopping online a lot lately – not that that is any huge surprise as it still remains one of my favorite pastimes (I think a lot of you reading this can relate too). Lately, it seems like everywhere I look there is another sale right in front of me or right around the corner. Quite frankly, I can never resist a good sale either. I’m always on the lookout for the best deals on Women’s clothing. Well, good thing there is Zulily because it is one of my favorite stores to shop at as there is a new sale every day! It’s literally an online shoppers paradise and I’m here for it….almost every day! 


    Everyone knows that Zulily is one of the best online shopping sites to shop for women’s clothing. They offer great deals on great brands – designer brands where you can find clothing items that are of high quality too. If you are on the lookout for high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost, you will definitely want to check them out. Zulily is your one-stop-shop for everything – especially women’s clothing. Here today, we will discuss seven stylish high-quality items that I found on Zulily.com.


    Levi’s Jeans

    Levi’s brand is an American classic and cultural pioneer. Since 1873, they’ve been a staple in the fashion world thanks to original designs and timeless styles. This highly recognizable brand is known for its innovation, quality, and originality when it comes to style. Therefore, I love buying my Lev’s at Zulily as not only am I getting the latest styles, I am getting them at a discounted price. That’s something you don’t find very easily when online shopping. Especially, when good Levi’s deals are hard to find.


    Loungewear and Jumpsuits

    Loungewear is one of those clothing items that must be made out of high-quality materials. Otherwise, what’s the point? I want to be lounging in the softest of the soft and in fabrics that will last a long time and not pill or wear out over time (or a few washes). The Suzanne Betro collection has really impressed me in that regard. Earlier this year I invested in a really nice cozy jumpsuit and a two-piece pant and long open duster set. The quality exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend purchasing an item or two from the Suzanne Betro collection. I may be going back to buy another set very soon.


    Workout Gear

    I love buying my athletic wear at Zulily too. You can find so many high-quality pieces from brands like Beyond Yoga, Champion, and Gaiam to name a few. You can also find brands like Marika that make workout gear in moisture-wicking fabrics with Coolmax technology to keep you cool. Another great part about Zulily is that they have taken the initiative to offer sustainable brands that make their products out of eco-friendly fabrics too. So, you will also feel good about purchasing items like leggings and sports bras that are made out of recycled plastic. 


    Shoes and Slippers


    Shoes and slippers are always my biggest downfalls. I end up buying way more than is humanly necessary for one person to own. I also laugh as I have been barely going anywhere lately this year and last, so what am I buying so many shoes for anyways? I guess to just add to the collection and therefore, I continue shopping for more shoes! Zulily has so many high-quality shoes and slippers to choose from that I have a heyday. Some of my favorite brands on the site are the Koolaburra by UGG – they carry a variety of boots and the coziest and plush slippers you have ever felt. And the best part? You are guaranteed to get them at an amazing deal!


    Fashion Jewelry

    One of my latest obsessions is stacking rings, dainty bracelets, and evil eyes. Another one of my favorite pastimes is scrolling the pages of Zulily to find the perfect “next accessory” to add to my collection. I found some really unique finds including an authentic turquoise ring and a dainty evil eye ring that I can stack along with my other little gold rings. Shopping their accessory department makes me happy and I almost always find something unique and high-quality that is a must-have piece


    So whether you are doing some “back-to-school” shopping for yourself or just needing to stock up on a few high-quality pieces, make sure and check these items out first! After all, it is never too late (or too early) to start investing in high-quality pieces that will last. Where quality over quantity is the name of the game, get to shopping and you can find pieces that will make your wallet exclaim: Hooray!





    This post was written in partnership with Zulily. For more fashion articles like these click here.