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    💗 5 Trending Handbag Styles That Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Approval

    For many of us, including myself, our fancy handbags have been shelved or replaced by more practical items during stay-at-home orders. Mine have barely seen the light of day during this year. If anything, I began to simplify or downsize my items to carry when I left the house down to a fanny pack or keychain wallet that was attached to my car keys. Soon, we’ll get to strut our style again in public. So, dust off your trusty Coach or Kate Spade bag as we begin to re-emerge (though your designer bags need love too).

    I am here to say that handbags (and fashion for that matter) have been inspired by iconic characters of the past like one of my favorites, Carrie Bradshaw. What can we learn from Carrie Bradshaw’s handbag style that is also relevant today? Well, let me tell you because everything always comes full circle! (Spoiler alert: the 90’s revival strikes again!)


    I could probably stop right here and tell you if you had to have one bag this season or year, the baguette would be the one. A baguette bag is usually a small shoulder bag, featuring a shoulder-length strap, rectangular silhouette, and a foldover or zip closure. Much as the article title implies, this is the bag that Carrie Bradshaw made famous in “Sex in the City.” In the scene where Carrie gets robbed in New York City for her fancy evening bag by an armed man in an alley, she’s told to” Gimme the bag,” After he repeats himself, “Gimme the bag,” she hilariously replies (almost to correct the man), “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette!” Her Fendi baguette bag was equally as notable through much of the early seasons. Remember the Coach Soho Mini Baguette Bag with the buckle that everyone seemed to own in the early 2000s? (I did not). This style of bag is so cute with its cute short strap which fits perfectly on your shoulder and tucks right by your side. With all of the modern elements and design updates, the baguette bag can be found in some new styles too. Grab one in a bright color, with gold hardware, or in a sleek animal texture. It’s such a fun little size too, like one of those fun-size candy bars.

    MKF Collection by Mia K. Color Block Annya 2-in-1 Satchel


    This is the one time it’s okay for your baggage to be oversize and you won’t get charged for it! Designers are taking it a bit to the extreme this season with some of the oversized bag styles on the runway. However, if you want to jump on the trend, it can be a fun one. You can find anything from huge hobo bags to enormous totes. Some of these so-called “handbags” resemble actual pieces of luggage! My advice? Do your own edit on how you want to interpret the trend. For example, if your style is like Carrie’s, you would do so with an oversized clutch bag; one that is both day and evening wear appropriate (probably something with feathers).


    Carrie was not shy when it came to her sense of fashion. Therefore, neither were her bags. They were bright, bold, and beautiful! The baguette bag as mentioned above was a glitzy purple sequin. There is another famous scene where she struts through Central Park carrying a large structured navy blue Hermès Birkin bag. Fun fact: it’s later revealed that the bag was actually used to hide her baby bump in the scene while she was pregnant with her first child, James. I love this trend because you can make even the simplest outfit pop with an eye-catching handbag in a colorful hue. Lots of exquisitely bright colors that come in all shapes and sizes.


    Bags with hardware, chains, and any kind of gold or silver hardware are included in this category. The chunky gold chain straps or round clasp fixtures really make this handbag a standout style. Plus, we are seeing the masculine chain strap mixed with the elegant feel of a feminine leather pouch for a yin and yang vibe.

    Relating back to Ms. Bradshaw was her highly coveted Dior Saddle Bag back in the 2000s. This dainty shoulder bag can also be carried under the arm. In this case, Carrie’s was a chain print handbag. It also came fixed with gold metal hardware with the initials CD for Christian Dior. The oblique design handbag is one of the most iconic handbags of our time primarily accredited to the SATC series. 


    Another iconic Carrie Bradshaw look was the Gucci belt bag and crop she wore on Season 4. While the trend caused a frenzy back then, there was certainly a long period where the belt bag as not trending. Now, the belt bag is back with a vengeance! This season, the belt bag can be seen as a fashion-forward tech-related accessory to hold your cell phone. It’s great because if you’re just going out to run a quick errand, the belt bag will come in handy (even though it’s hands-free!). This on-trend handbag style is both fashionable and functional. You get the best of both worlds.




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    ❤️‍🔥 How To Wear Y2K Fashion

    Prince may have wanted to party like it was 1999 ever since the day he wrote the song back in 1982, but the Gen Z and millennial generation are trying to go back and dress like it’s 1999, today. I have seen this term, Y2K fashion swirling around social media for quite some time, so I figured it was time to sit down and fully dissect what it means, its history, and how you can pull off the look in 2021.  


    It is the reemergence of the clothes and aesthetic trends from the late ‘90s and early 2000s (2000-2010). Fashion trends are cyclical so it was only a matter of time before this era came back in style. It has also been made popular by Gen-Z as they were too young to fully embrace it when they were young and millennials to recreate their early teen fashion energy. 

    Y2K fashion embraces the period in time where the world was in a state of fear or having an end of the world crisis mentality. It was then intermixed with futuristic advancements in technology and pop culture. Pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton were trendsetters in their bedazzled low-rise jeans, velour tracksuits, or mini sunglasses to name a few. Basically, statement pieces and over-the-top fashion will turn heads.  

    Why is it making a comeback?  

    Well, like all fashion trends, they come back around at some point. We can also thank the likes of the HBO series “Euphoria” for inspiration. However, possibly because much like the dawn of the 2000s when there was immense fear about the end of the world, it’s similar to what we are going through now. It’s like a rebirth after surviving a pandemic and spending a lot of time indoors. Much like the turn of the 21st century marked the start of an entirely new era, so has this year. So, this Y2K fashion obsession could also signify a bold, bright new way of dressing to bring happiness to an overall dark year.  



    What’s old is new again with Y2K-inspired styles, bold patterns, and over-the-top accessories. Because Y2K fashion is making a comeback, here are some of the top pieces to rock (or let your daughter rock) in 2021.


    Join the corset craze in waist-cinching designs that are this summer’s hottest statement piece. Corsets have been one of the most-searched-for items on the web recently and with all the new styles to choose from, it is obvious to see why. They are structured, a little sultry. You can also layer your corsets over T-shirts and tanks for a more casual, laid-back look.


    Well, the obvious brand that made velour tracksuits popular back in the early 2000s is Juicy Couture. If you’re like me or most girls during that time, then you owned a couple of different velour tracksuits in a variety of colors and the perfume to go with. Nowadays, velour tracksuits are making a comeback in an array of bright colors with matching hoodies and even bralettes. Dress them up with the latest platform sandals, your colored sunglasses, and a baguette bag.


    I recently wrote an article about how Carrie Bradshaw made the baguette bag super popular in the hit series “Sex and the City.” It’s no wonder this bag is on the list for being a Y2K fashion sensation. One that is getting a lot of hype on the social media scene is the Prada baguette bag. Although, if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg (me!), I suggest a cute little colorful shoulder bag with a gold chain strap, that will tuck nicely under your arm.


    Wide-leg, loose-fitting jeans were mostly brought to you by the skaters of this generation for a grunge-inspired look. However, the girls of this decade gave them a feminine twist when paired with a crop top or baby tee. Remember Tai, Britney Murphy’s character, from Clueless? She made this style iconic.


    Crop tops and baby tees are another major Y2K trend. These teeny-tiny T-shirts were so cool back in the day with kitschy graphics, funny sayings, or symbols. Or, if you wanna wear the trend a different way, try a mock neck crop top in a multicolored stripe or bring pink. This shorter style top pairs well with high-waisted anything like loose jeans, joggers, bike shorts, boxer shorts, or pleated skirts.


    As if! Yes, pleated skirts are also making a comeback in Y2K fashion, thanks to Cher from “Clueless” and the Britney Spears music video for “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” So, lots of plaids and bright colors will be the perfect match for a pleated skirt. To complete the look, opt for crop tops, baby tees, and sweater vests. Knee socks and Mary Jane style shoes or boots are optional.


    Luminous fabrics were reminiscent of the early 2000 tech boom and the millennium-inspired futuristic fashion like in “The Matrix.” Lots of silver and opalescent hues were everywhere, paired alongside bright neon shades of pink, green, and yellow. Wear your mesh and metallics on jackets, bags, or even crop tops.


    Bucket hats, bandanas, butterfly hair clips, and mini sunglasses all are another part of the Y2K trend. They are also perfect for summer for keeping your face out of the sun and your hair looking done!

    Do you think you’ll be wearing any Y2K fashion this year? As Y2K fashion is back in a major way. Just like Prince said, even in 2021, we will be partying like it’s 1999.



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    🤍 Sleepwear to Streetwear: How to Wear Your Pajamas and Loungewear in Public

    Not ready to give up your pajamas quite yet? Me neither. I have become so accustomed to my work-from-home uniform that looks something like a healthy rotation of joggers, t-shirts, or a matching loungewear set. Who would argue that working from the comfort of your home in your “comfies” has been a bad way to live your life? Well, wearing pajamas out of the house is officially in. Here’s a list of ways that your sleepwear can double as streetwear:


    Why not wear your favorite striped or white shirt sleep-dress as a streetwear dress? A simple button-down shirt like The Perfect Boyfriend Shirt from Summersalt is a perfect way to rock the look. You can pair it with cropped pants and sneakers, dress it up with heels and a crossbody bag or dress it down as a swimsuit cover-up and flip-flops to the beach!


    Sweatsuit sets were a major fashion trend during quarantine in 2020 and this year there’s no exception. Most people own some version of a matching sweatsuit at this point, so I don’t feel this one will be a hard one for most to come by. Pair with casual white sneaks but if you really want to take this trend to the next level, opt for a pair of barely-there heels! That will be an eye-catcher for sure!


    Slinky satin pajama pants or shorts are elegant items that are perfect for lounging at home or going out. If you have a matching satin top, wear them together! Wear The Cloud 9 Pajama Set matching set by Summersalt from the bedroom to the streets or wear them as separates with a simple sweater, button-down, or T-shirt. Add a neutral embellished slide, ballet slipper, or men-inspired loafer. To complete the look, add accessories like a handbag or belt.


    Silk or satin robes worn as jackets are such a fitting way to incorporate sleepwear into streetwear. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, add a leopard print, bright-colored hue, or bold floral print robe. Add a simple t-shirt or tank with pants and heels and you’ve got an elegant look that was made for the streets. 


    While this may be something you would have worn pre-pandemic, it’s even more on-trend right now. A lace camisole paired with loose high-waisted jeans is sleepwear-inspired and pairs well on the streets too. Add a pair of braided slides and a blazer for a chic look.


    Jogger jeans (sometimes referred to as jeggings, pajama jeans, or sweatpant jeans) became even more popular this year. They are made out of cotton and have the look of a jean. They are super versatile and can be dressed up or down. 


    Colorful caftans with bright bold colors and prints are perfect for this time of year.  Pair them with matching palazzo pants to elongate your silhouette. Caftans are also great on their own worn with a pair of slides or as a beach cover-up! 


    Even your comfy jumpsuits or your cotton onesies are stylish outside. If your loungewear is in cashmere or merino wool, those styles are super chic to rock on the street. Perfect for this coming fall with Chelsea or combat boots.


    Velour tracksuits are perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity. For an easy ensemble, just throw on some fashion sneakers and your tech gadget accessories, then head out the door.


    The slip dress is a no-brainer when it comes to wearing sleepwear as streetwear. This stylish garment transitions wonderfully from day to night. Just dress it up with strappy heels and a leather jacket. Or, you can dress it down by wearing a T-shirt or long-sleeve underneath.


    This one is one of my favorite trends to come out of quarantine. Sherpa slippers worn as streetwear are so on-trend right now. I think it’s just so chic; I recently saw celebrities like Megan Fox wearing the UGG Fluff Yeah slippers in Beverly Pink. 


    Nap dresses, or shall we say, nightgowns, are the most effortless and feminine look. Nap dresses with smocked details are adorable worn alone with simple accessories like a straw hat and neutral-colored slides. However, if you want to truly modernize your nightgown on the streets pair it with a thick belt strappy heels.

    With all these fun styles and all the new sleepwear and loungewear that you have collected during quarantine, what will you dare to wear as streetwear?

    The Softest French Terry Puff Short Sleeve Matching Set




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    🤎 Boho Chic: How To Wear This Cool-Girl Style

    It takes a true fashionista to nail the boho-chic aesthetic and make it look effortless, even though we all want to. It’s been one of the hottest fashion trends for quite some time and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.


    The definition of boho is one who leads an unconventional lifestyle.

    Boho is flowy and free but edgy at the same time. It’s ethereal and effortless. Boho isn’t just a style, it’s an attitude. Boho is a free spirit with a creative, artistic, worldly-inspired lifestyle.

    The style takes after meaning and is heavily influenced by 1970s style and design. Boho chic style incorporates an eclectic mix of various textures, natural elements, colors, patterns, and layers from all over the world.


    It’s highly possible that you already own a few pieces in your wardrobe that are boho chic approved. Boho style is one of my all-time favorite ways to dress but it can be difficult to pull off. Therefore, this will be a simple, easy guide to help you achieve boho style in no time.


    Maxi dresses or floor-length gowns made of lightweight fabrics are the number one item for a boho-chic style. Flowy maxi dresses are ideal for summertime, whether you are headed to a get-together with friends, going to the beach, or an outdoor live music festival. Opt for feminine florals, peasant styles, or lace elements. Or look for this season’s hottest trend, crochet, as a fun insert on the dress.


    Boho blouses and kimonos in comfortable, loose-fitting, and flowy fabrics are ideal for layering. Materials like linen, chiffon, or one that’s silky smooth with a drape will be perfect for this trend. Also, look for fun bold prints or embroidered blouses and kimonos to nail this look.


    Cardigans are essential to any boho look. The slouchier, the better. Often they are worn oversized or worn off the shoulder for an effortless look. Slouchy cardigans make the best layering pieces and are great to wear all year round – fall, winter, spring, and even summer when the evenings get cooler. Try chunky knits over tanks, maxi dresses, with jeans or shorts this summer.


    Grab your favorite pair of flared jeans to create the foundation of the go-to boho look. I love any type of high-waisted flares that accentuate the waistline, especially when paired with crop tops, tanks, and blouses. Pair them with a slouchy cardigan and a platform shoe or clog for a cool summer-style look.


    Did I mention it’s all about the layers to achieve the ultimate boho style? Vests are another great way to add some excitement to different pieces. Play with different textures like suede, fringe, delicate lace, or even denim. Embellishments like beading or tassels add extra flair. Keep the look tasteful by layering your vest over a tank with your flare jeans or with a simple maxi skirt or dress like an LBD.


    Finally, to complete your boho look, you are going to need accessories. A lot of accessories.

    A bag in a hobo or crossbody style. The slouchier, the better. Then, add large, oversized sunglasses in the round, aviator, cat-eye, or classic retro styles. Scarves and headbands are also another way to layer with color and patterns. Wear scarves as headscarves, shawls, or tie them into a scarf top! These accessories will absolutely pull that boho-chic vibe together.


    Jewelry could be one of the most important elements in boho fashion to set your look apart. When it comes to boho jewelry; the more eclectic, the better. Some of my favorite pieces are large turquoise stone rings, gold coins, or gold necklaces and rings.  Layer gold chains, nature-inspired pendants, and dainty necklaces. Then pile on bangles, beaded bracelets, and other statement bracelets to add texture and color. The idea is the more the merrier, so don’t be afraid to layer on that boho jewelry either!


    Wide-brim hats or fedoras are all the rage on social media. They are also perfect for summer as they will shade you from any harmful rays. Look for simple straw styles for the summer months and felt ones for the fall and winter. Straw hats and fedoras will look adorable with sundresses, maxi dresses, or basically, any summer style you choose for added boho-chic vibe.


    In order to complete that head-to-toe look, you are going to need a great pair of leather sandals. I love a slide style that is functional and easy to take on and off for everyday wear. Lace-up sandals are cute with dresses and shorts. Birkenstocks are super comfortable and never go out of style.

    Do you have any boho-chic styles already in your wardrobe? Or perhaps you want to add a few new pieces for that well-rounded boho style. With so many fun styles, which pieces are you most excited about wearing?