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    💙 Back-to-School #UniquelyZu Fashion Design Contest

    Calling all aspiring young fashion designers to the front of the class, please! That’s right this back-to-school season, Zulily, the best online retailer for kids (and moms) is launching a very exciting fashion design contest for kids. Zulily’s Back-to-School, #UniquelyZu Contest will give kids, ages 5-14, an exciting chance to be the trendsetting inspiration for an exclusive capsule collection. Six lucky winners will also be awarded a $6,000 prize package based on the submission of their creative designs. What’s even cooler? Parents and kids will have the opportunity to work alongside designers at Zulily and these designs will be featured in an exclusive capsule collection for kids ranging from swimwear to back-to-school styles.


    So, obviously, my initial thoughts were “Why can’t they have this competition for adults like me?” LOL. I mean this sounds like the best opportunity ever if I was a young, budding fashion designer. All selfishness aside, if you are a parent reading this to a young fashion designer or creative kid, encourage them to apply. 


    This school year is going to be even more exciting than in years past for kids as they will all be getting back into the classroom after nearly a year off. That is also what makes this opportunity so unique. Kids are also looking forward to seeing their friends and once again expressing themselves through fashion and creativity. 


    Zulily even conducted their own survey where they questioned 1,000 kids across the country and asked them what they are looking forward to in terms of fashion this year. Here are some of the trends that they found.

    Top 3 Trends For 2021 Back-to-School Fashion

    Trend 1: Movers and Shakers


    Kids are excited to shed their sweats and are using fashion and style to feel their best. They say it enhances their performances and boosts their mood too. Among some of the adjectives used, the top words that new clothes make kids feel are: happy, confident and strong. Their personal style is very important to them and their identity. I love the way that kids use fashion as a form of expression as that was super important to me growing up too. I used to obsessively wear a pair of jean booties and a peach skirt and top set with ruffles – and no one could get me out of it! So, I get it. 


    Trend 2: Glue Guns and Glitter Bombs


    Bedazzled jeans are back! Kids are also tapping into their creative side by adding embellishments and having a little fun with the outfits they wear. They say it makes them feel unique having items that represent their true inner self. Therefore, they add patches, sequins, glitter paint, bedazzling, etc. to their clothing to make them feel special and their clothing authentic. I am sensing a lot of young designers on the rise.


    Trend 3: Retro & Reimagined


    This one made me laugh as I did this same thing when I was growing up. I shopped my mom and dad’s closet for vintage pieces. In some cases, my mom had saved pieces for us kids to wear and so I definitely capitalized on those heeled Capezio cowboy boots from the late ‘70s. Kids once again are turning to mom and dad for retro fashion inspiration and by repurposing clothes to their liking. 


    So the bottom line here is to encourage your kids to get creative and make sure to practice putting together unique creations. This is a great time to allow your kids to express themselves and what better way than through fashion design?! I think all kids that are itching to get creative to apply!


     The contest begins July 7th and ends July 31st and here are all the details you need to know:


    1. Parents will use their own Instagram accounts to post their child’s submission photo. This creation can be anything that represents their fashion sense from their own fashion creation, lay flat, mood board, design sketch, graphic, or anything else that he or she chooses to create. 
    2. Post to a parent’s Instagram account using both of the hashtags #ZulilyContest and #UniquelyZu
    3. Fill out this entry form with your submission.

    I’m including the official rules and overview here: 




    As a Zulily fashion blogger, I am so excited to share this information with you and I hope you and your kids capitalize on this unique and exciting opportunity! Have fun, be you, and good luck!