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    💚 Yes, Crocs Are Cool Again

    A clog may be with or without a back and the toes are usually enclosed. The difference between a mule and a clog is that a clog sits atop a chunky, platform-style sole, specifically at the ball of the foot. Right now it’s all about clogs, a classic shoe that has been reinvented in all styles you can imagine. This old-school shoe is getting a makeover for Spring/Summer 2021 and we are here for it!


    There has never been more controversy over a single brand of shoes than Crocs. Is it a gardening shoe, boat shoe, clog, or fashionable everyday street shoe? Whether you love it or hate it, Crocs are making yet another comeback in a major fashionable way. Just to give you an example, sales for Crocs rose 64% in the first quarter 2021 compared to last year’s profits, breaking record sales for the company. Their profit grew to $122.5 million during the first three months this year compared to its previous $18.7 million.

    Crocs were created back in 2002 by Lyndon Hanson and Geroge Boedecker, Jr. after they had discovered a revolutionary material of antimicrobial resin foam by a company named Foam Creations. They used a molded foam product to create their first design which they named The Beach. They brought 200 pairs to a Fort Lauderdale boat show and sold out of virtually every single pair of shoes they had made at the time.

    Crocs took a genius angle back in 2018 by collaborating with rapper Post Malone and released a pair of Crocs inspired by his tattoos. The “Post Malone X Crocs Barbed Wire Clog collection” sold out in minutes (I remember because I tried to buy a pair by myself waiting *impatiently* on my laptop for the opening of the release). Everyone said they would be a collector’s item and to this day are being auctioned off way above their original $59.99 sticker price. Fashion resellers have new pairs listed anywhere from $500-$2,000 depending on the size. More recently, Crocs did another collaboration with Justin Bieber and the Justin Bieber X Crocs Classic Clog was their biggest collab to date. Lastly, musical director Questlove appeared on the Academy Awards red carpet and created a social media fashion frenzy clad in his gold spray-painted Crocs.

    The shoes continued to have much success despite their controversial style. However, they keep bouncing back to stay afloat (so to speak) and today, is another one of those times. Crocs have made a comeback and this time, they are taking the fashion world along for a ride. 


    Now that we have introduced the number one trending clog at the moment, the Croc, let’s dive in and also discuss other styles of clogs that have most definitely hit the fashion scene by storm. 


    Who could think of a better way to wear your clogs than with an outer layer of sherpa?! Most of these styles have a comfortable footbed that makes them perfect for lounging or to wear outside the house. They are super cozy looking and also give you that sleepwear chic vibe.


    Neon clogs are all the rage as we are loving bright, bold colors for spring. It’s also a great twist on a classic retro-style clog that we haven’t seen before. These are adorable to pair with even the simplest of outfits as they will stand out and get lots of attention on their own.


    Instantly jazz up any outfit with animal print clogs! Animal print clogs are taking over in prints like zebra, leopard print, and even calf-hair cow print. Such a cute way to wear your clogs this season.


    Clogs with high platforms give your clogs an elevated look which is perfect if you want something a little dressier. You can find them in neutral cognac suede or back leather styles which are equally as chic. Added details like buckles and embellishments are fun extras too.


    Even luxury designers are making a high-fashion version of the rubber clog with a rounded toe, slingback style, and rugged sole. These are definitely an on-trend style that will transition well from the garden to dinner out with friends.


    Just in time for Spring/Summer: floral prints (or hand-painted florals) are so cute to wear on your clogs. Floral print clogs are super fun even with a simple summer dress or T-shirt and jeans.


    The ever-popular Birkenstock brand makes a wide variety of clog-style Birks. I love their Boston style which is a casual one buckle style that you can buy in neutral suede or leather styles alike, Colors like taupes and light browns are classics.


    This is your classic Swedish or Dutch staple if you are new to clogs and want to start out slow. Try a neutral color like navy, black, white, or even red if you’re feeling a little bolder.


    And finally, to round out this list, it’s the Crocs. Don’t be shy and even wear your Crocs with socks as that’s also a major trend this year. From sherpa to neon, to platform Crocs with charms of your choice, this is a trend we can’t escape. I can’t deny, I’m here for it! I bought my first pair last weekend in white!

    After all that talk about Crocs, what do you say? Are you going to rock the Crocs or clogs this Spring and Summer 2021?



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    💙 Back-to-School #UniquelyZu Fashion Design Contest

    Calling all aspiring young fashion designers to the front of the class, please! That’s right this back-to-school season, Zulily, the best online retailer for kids (and moms) is launching a very exciting fashion design contest for kids. Zulily’s Back-to-School, #UniquelyZu Contest will give kids, ages 5-14, an exciting chance to be the trendsetting inspiration for an exclusive capsule collection. Six lucky winners will also be awarded a $6,000 prize package based on the submission of their creative designs. What’s even cooler? Parents and kids will have the opportunity to work alongside designers at Zulily and these designs will be featured in an exclusive capsule collection for kids ranging from swimwear to back-to-school styles.


    So, obviously, my initial thoughts were “Why can’t they have this competition for adults like me?” LOL. I mean this sounds like the best opportunity ever if I was a young, budding fashion designer. All selfishness aside, if you are a parent reading this to a young fashion designer or creative kid, encourage them to apply. 


    This school year is going to be even more exciting than in years past for kids as they will all be getting back into the classroom after nearly a year off. That is also what makes this opportunity so unique. Kids are also looking forward to seeing their friends and once again expressing themselves through fashion and creativity. 


    Zulily even conducted their own survey where they questioned 1,000 kids across the country and asked them what they are looking forward to in terms of fashion this year. Here are some of the trends that they found.

    Top 3 Trends For 2021 Back-to-School Fashion

    Trend 1: Movers and Shakers


    Kids are excited to shed their sweats and are using fashion and style to feel their best. They say it enhances their performances and boosts their mood too. Among some of the adjectives used, the top words that new clothes make kids feel are: happy, confident and strong. Their personal style is very important to them and their identity. I love the way that kids use fashion as a form of expression as that was super important to me growing up too. I used to obsessively wear a pair of jean booties and a peach skirt and top set with ruffles – and no one could get me out of it! So, I get it. 


    Trend 2: Glue Guns and Glitter Bombs


    Bedazzled jeans are back! Kids are also tapping into their creative side by adding embellishments and having a little fun with the outfits they wear. They say it makes them feel unique having items that represent their true inner self. Therefore, they add patches, sequins, glitter paint, bedazzling, etc. to their clothing to make them feel special and their clothing authentic. I am sensing a lot of young designers on the rise.


    Trend 3: Retro & Reimagined


    This one made me laugh as I did this same thing when I was growing up. I shopped my mom and dad’s closet for vintage pieces. In some cases, my mom had saved pieces for us kids to wear and so I definitely capitalized on those heeled Capezio cowboy boots from the late ‘70s. Kids once again are turning to mom and dad for retro fashion inspiration and by repurposing clothes to their liking. 


    So the bottom line here is to encourage your kids to get creative and make sure to practice putting together unique creations. This is a great time to allow your kids to express themselves and what better way than through fashion design?! I think all kids that are itching to get creative to apply!


     The contest begins July 7th and ends July 31st and here are all the details you need to know:


    1. Parents will use their own Instagram accounts to post their child’s submission photo. This creation can be anything that represents their fashion sense from their own fashion creation, lay flat, mood board, design sketch, graphic, or anything else that he or she chooses to create. 
    2. Post to a parent’s Instagram account using both of the hashtags #ZulilyContest and #UniquelyZu
    3. Fill out this entry form with your submission.

    I’m including the official rules and overview here: 




    As a Zulily fashion blogger, I am so excited to share this information with you and I hope you and your kids capitalize on this unique and exciting opportunity! Have fun, be you, and good luck!




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    🖤 Upgrade Your Loungewear: 5 Elevated Essentials You Need Now

    If you’re anything like me then you have caught yourself re-evaluating your loungewear now that it is practically all we have been wearing for the last year. The way I see it, it is a practical reason as the more high quality your loungewear, the longer they will last (longevity), the more sustainable, and higher quality means more comfort and personal satisfaction. Therefore; I think it’s the wisest decision one can make to invest in elevated pieces to build out your loungewear collection. I never thought I would be in a position to care that much about what I am wearing at home, but now that I am a little older and wiser now (lol), I am finally beginning to understand the value in quality over quantity. So, let’s explore all the amazing ways you can upgrade your loungewear and the 5 elevated pieces you need to get you there.  


    Yes, that’s right 100% silk pajamas. I think this category belongs in the “treat yo’self” section because let me tell you, silk pajamas are the real deal. I purchased a two-piece set that came with shorts and a tank top and they were supreme! I truly feel like a royal when I sleep in them because they are just that luxurious, I feel like a queen. There’s something to be said about the company I bought them from too, which has now been sold out of this exact set for two months. I wish they would hurry and re-stock so that I can get another pair! In fact, “the silks,” as I like to refer to them as were so dang good, I bought them for my mom as a gift for Mother’s Day. I, in turn, wanted her to live in the lap of luxury throughout the year as well. I gifted her the long high-waisted pant with side slits and cropped button-down short-sleeved silk set in solid black. I know she will get lots of use out of them! So, if you want to feel like a queen, I suggest investing in a silk pajama set too! 



    Another premium and sustainable fabric, cashmere, can be found in many of the world’s most elegant-looking sets. You take an average style, say joggers and a hoodie, and turn it into sheer class once it’s made out of cashmere. Cashmere sets truly are the definition of elevated loungewear. I also purchased a cashmere set this year in my quest for elevated loungewear and it was another decision I do not regret. I can use it for months to come and it feels oh so luxurious! Look for cashmere sets in neutral colors (black, grey, brown, taupe) as they are also going to last you a long time. Plus, monochromatic sets are the way to go. They can also be very versatile too as you can wear the tops and the bottoms separately. Treat yourself to a cashmere loungewear set, I promise you won’t look back. 

    03. GOWNS

    Gowns, or slip dresses, are another piece that feels so regal as you slip into bed at night. They are so lightweight and breathable that you feel like you’re wearing nothing. Most of the new gowns or chemises are made to be machine washable silk which makes them even easier to wear over and over again because you for darn sure will. The fun part about these pieces is that many of them can be disguised as slip dresses and be worn over a T-shirt for a fun “going out” look. Or, pair it with an oversized cardigan and you’re in business! You may even opt for a nightgown in a longer nap dress style, with lac, button front, or one that is an elevated sleep shirt. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from, the only decision you have to make is which one? 




    Another elevated loungewear favorite is the two-piece pajama set. These are so fun because you can go all out with prints and color choices. I recently purchased a pair of satin pajamas with faux-fur feathers on the top sleeve cuffs and bottoms. They give me an old Hollywood glam vibe which makes me feel, well, glamorous! Even if it’s just me by myself at home. Ha! In some cases, it may be a splurge for fabrics like silk but elevated pajamas also look great in satins, velour, bamboo, or modal materials which will feel expensive but at a lower price point. So, whichever version pajama set works for you, just make sure it’s one that feels just as great as it looks!  

    05. ROBES

    Finally, under your to-do list of elevated loungewear to acquire is the almighty robe. This is the piece that ties everything together. Now, some sets come with a matching robe which is an added bonus. As in a satin chemise with matching robe set. Or, if you like to own a few, I suggest getting one really fancy robe that makes you feel like a goddess every time you wear it. You may even want a buttery soft velour robe or boucle for winter and an airy short satin robe for summer. Whichever style robe you choose, just make sure it wraps you up in ultimate comfort and makes you feel like the queen that you are! 

    I hope this guide inspires you to rethink your loungewear and to treat yourself to something nice! Until then, stay tuned for next week’s article where we will dive into a more in-depth discussion on the topic!



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    🤍 The White Blouse: The Presidential Piece in Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

    It’s one of the most essential pieces in your wardrobe – a staple in the truest meaning of the word and so versatile. I’ve said it before but it’s the one item every woman needs to own at least one of in their collection: The white blouse. It’s classic, timeless, and makes you look instantly chic however you choose to style it. In my opinion, if you only had one top, it should be the white blouse. Recently, I have added many styles to my collection: the boyfriend,  textured, the classic, and one with puffy sleeves. The point being, they all serve various purposes and can be worn on multiple occasions. That’s why I love having a few in many styles in my arsenal. Today, I want to explain how you can wear a white blouse, of all different styles, and why it’s the best choice ever! 


    No wardrobe is complete without one classic white blouse. It’s the best worn on its own or for layering, so make sure that yours is high quality too. This is one of those pieces that will last forever so if the fit and the feel of the blouse is just right – it will consistently stay in your outfit rotation. A classic white blouse will pair well with jeans for casual wear to two-piece suits for work. It’s so versatile, this shirt is meant for styling in all the ways possible. 



    White button-ups get a casual, cool vibe when made out of a textured almost boho style. This top is more casual, so you can wear it open or buttoned up front tucked into jeans or shorts for summer. Longer versions work well here too as textured white button-ups are made for bathing suit cover-ups too. Simply wear loosely over your favorite bathing suit, throw on some flip-flops and you’re ready for any pool or beach day in the sun!



    When you want to take your white blouse to the next level, choose this puffy sleeve option to truly elevate any look. Again, this white blouse can be worn with jeans and braided/woven kitten heels or with your dressiest trousers. Either way, this is a look that will speak volumes!  


    The boxier, boyfriend-style cuts are crisp and also very versatile. This style can look casual untucked with jeans or tucked into high-waisted trousers for a more formal look. It’s practically like you stole your boyfriend’s white button-down and made it all your own. Super chic and very of the moment right now.   


    The dual front utility-style pockets or one strong square single pocket white blouse is another way to rock your white blouse. This white blouse is so versatile it will have you ready for work or the weekend in one of the most appealing cuts.  



    Some of the best white button-downs are oversized and drapey and made out of cotton or linen. It’s so adaptable too meaning it works well on various body shapes as you can create a multitude of ways to wear it. You can wear french tucked or tie it up in front to accentuate a higher waistline. It’s another one of those shirts you can wear with anything and look like a million bucks. 



    If your classic white blouse isn’t quite keeping you cool enough during the heat of the summer months, the short-sleeve white blouse is your best-kept secret. Try a casual linen style with rolled cuff sleeves and a classic collar. The buttons can even be more casual in natural wood or opalescent buttons. The short-sleeve button-ups are the best worn with denim shorts and sandals for the coolest, casual look of them all.   



    I can’t think of a better way to wear a white blouse during the summer than to style an oversized version of the shirt over a bikini or one-piece this summer. It’s so so so chic, effortless, and did I mention an easy way to pull off that “cool-girl” vibe?! All you’ll need to bring is your summer essentials – your beach bag, sunglasses, and flip-flops. The rest you’ve already got covered – in the chicest cover-up of them all: the white blouse. 



    When the heat begins to turn up, tie your white blouse at the waist to create not only a waistline but a style that is so on-point for summer. This look would be so cute with jean cut-off shorts, cropped denim, or your ‘90s khaki trousers. Add a bright-colored slide sandal and your straw tote bag for a look that will have your friends “fit to be tied.” 



    A classic white blouse will pair perfectly with any style of summer shorts too. You can tuck it into your paper bag shorts for a classic look if you’re going for more of an elevated look or you can wear it with your sporty bike shorts. One of my favorite looks for summer is the classic white blouse with jean cut-offs and a simple sandal. It’s one of the easiest ways to look polished and put together with minimal effort. That’s the beauty of the white blouse, it will always make your look “smarter” worn in the most simple of ways.  

    Which ways do you plan to wear your white blouse this spring/summer?