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    💖 Trend Watch: Best Summer Fashion Trends 2021

    I have never felt more ready than right now to finally be able to debut all the great finds that I have collected during quarantine in preparation for this very moment! Alas, I will reserve the infamous TikTok leggings and other embarrassing fashion purchases I made for another time. For now, it’s about putting your best foot forward as you begin to reemerge into the social world again. Yes, you’ll be visiting friends, attending summer BBQ get-togethers, and resume attending dinner parties out again. This means you must dress the part. So let’s round up the best summer outfits and ideas for 2021 that will get you started thinking about it.  


    Isn’t it true that wearing a dress just makes you feel a bit more elegant and beautiful? This summer, dresses are all across the board from mini to maxi, and come in all shapes and styles. Some of the most trending styles are styles with cutouts, bright colors like bubblegum pink, sheer maxis, tie-dye, mesh, off-the-shoulder, and halters to name a few. So the next time you want to play dress-up, pick a style that makes you feel gorgeous.  


    This is another personal fave of mine. So, you heard it here first, I think this is going to be a major fashion “do” this summer. I just saw this on Instagram yesterday and quickly researched how, when, and where I could find one ASAP. Turns out it was designer, so I’ll be over here on Zulily finding the next best thing or similar set. In the meantime, shorts sets are super cute because they are a matching short and short-sleeve button-down combo. You can wear the top flowy and unbuttoned with a tank or crop top. Or, you can wear it buttoned and front tucked. Your choice. Shorts sets are also perfect as bathing suit cover-ups for your next vacay too! They pair so well over bikinis or one-pieces. 



    As we have discussed, button-down shirts are a must always more now more than ever. While white will remain a safe and fashionable choice, so is an oversize button-down in a bright shade. We are seeing bold colors pop up everywhere for summer, so why not add a little color to your button-down? These work well as bathing suit cover-ups or with cut-off jean shorts too! 


    Yes, this is now a thing. Just like matching sweatsuit sets became a major fashion must in 2020 and 2021, so is the matching three-piece bathing suit. This means a bikini and matching button-down which you can style worn open, buttoned up or front tied. It’s a super chic idea and one of the biggest trends this summer. So, whether you find a coordinating three-piece suit in a bold colorful print or the ever-popular lurex, it’s going to be a hit. It’s not just a swimsuit anymore, it’s a whole LEWK! 



    I am loving a cool high-waisted wide-leg palazzo pant and crop top set for summer. These sets also come in so many unique styles and prints so you can let your imagination run wild. Speaking of wild, during quarantine, I purchased a wide-leg flowy palazzo pant with a front tie and matching button-down top that I can’t wait to wear. Plus, the best part about a set is they are so versatile you can wear them as separates too! Bold retro-inspired prints from the ‘60s and ‘70s are also on-trend.  


    Crochet is another trending item to add to your summer must-haves. This is such a fun retro trend that I myself couldn’t be more excited for. I recall a purple crochet bikini I once had as a young girl that I was fully obsessed with. Brands like Free People have some great crochet items that will bring that boho vibe to life. Look for bold crochet designs like floral printed crochet shorts, neutral striped crochet tanks, or even crochet bikini tops and bottoms. You’ve been warned, crochet is weaving its way onto the scene and is going to be hot this summer. 


    Be prepared to see lots of platform sandals in your future as they are going to be everywhere this summer. From dad sandals to thong sandals, even Crocs, yes Crocs, this is a style that will bring back that Y2K fashion in full effect. Snag a pair in a classic black thong style or even a bright-colored platform that will literally lift you and your spirits up!


    From the Instagram famous acrylic colorful rings to colored aviator lenses expect to see lots of colorful accessories to complete your look this summer. We are even seeing lots of colored handbags (baguettes and clutches) that fit the bill perfectly. Colorful accessories are a great way to add a little bit of life to any classic outfit too like a t-shirt and jean shorts. So be sure to add a few fun and colorful pieces to complete your summer wardrobe.

    So are you ready for summer yet? I don’t know if you can tell but I am! I hope you can find some fun summer inspo out of this complete list of summer 2021 trends! 

    Happy shopping!



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    💓 Shoe & Sandal Trends That Will Put a Pep in Your Step This Summer 2021

    As we gear up for warmer weather ahead, it’s time to take a look at our shoe collection and decide if we’re in the market for a new pair of shoes. I know I like to grab a few pairs each year to stay fresh and current. Some pairs I snagged last year are even back in style this year like the sporty sandals trend that’s having a major moment. So, chances are these styles will keep cycling in and out for years to come. One thing is for sure, as we begin to reemerge into society after shelter-in-place, you’ll want to make sure your shoe game is on point. These shoe trends will help you put a pep in your step this summer 2021. 



    Sporty sandals come in various styles this season ranging from your classic Velcro styles to all glammed up with embellishments and bedazzles. Your most classic example of the sporty sandal is the most well-known thanks to Teva and Birkenstocks alike. Many designers have taken this original version and amped it up a notch. You can find them in flatforms, with rugged tread soles, and with whimsical floral print or pearlized straps. However, if you’re okay with the classics, that’s okay too. One thing is for certain, comfort reigns supreme with these stylish sandals. Never thought I’d say this but don’t be surprised when I tell you sandals with socks here is also a winning combination.  


    The woven braided designs are so beautiful and add dimension to the slide. The padded leather is so chic which gives these sandals a luxury feel. Opt for braided flats or slides with a heel for an elevated look. Woven slide sandals are the best footwear for everything from jeans to dresses this summer – they will be your go-to shoes this spring and summer. Choose your braided slides in anything from neutrals, to pastels, to bright colorful hues! Even a pop of color will look good on these little braided/woven numbers. 


    These barely-there sandals are the epitome of minimalist footwear design. They have simple and few straps which makes them uncomplicated and easy to slip on. Oh, and did I mention that despite being quite simple, they add a level of elegance to any look. I have even seen kitten-heel versions of barely-there sandals paired perfectly with biker shorts, a T-shirt, and a structured oversized blazer. Quite frankly, they can be worn with almost anything for maximum effect. 


    The cozy slippers that we wore throughout most if not all of 2020 are not taking a backseat quite yet. Luckily they’re here to stay in 2021 and lately fashion gurus and celebs alike have been spotted wearing them around town as streetwear. Who can say they mind it? It’s a cool kid look so if you’re brave enough to wear them outside, choose styles that function well as indoor/outdoor slippers. Meaning they have actual tread or grip at the bottom of the slipper. Opt for a wild fluffy flatform slipper or a sophisticated shearling slide. The funkier the better as this style is meant to be fun and not taken too seriously. 


    Channel your inner goddess in a pair of lace-up sandals. Elevated flats are in style as one of this season’s hottest trends. It’s also not too far from your favorite house shoe of 2020. As we take baby steps to get beyond our slippers, this trend is a fun one to try as it helps us ease out of slippers slowly. Opt for lace-up sandals in animal prints or with chichi additions like pearl and studs.



    It’s been a while but ballet flats are back! Who’s doing a few pique turns, plies, and leaping for joy about this one?! I guess it’s kind of an obvious choice to bring back as it’s similar to the look and comfort of a slipper but chic enough to wear outside. Designers took that idea and ran with it creating ballet flats that are extravagant, showy, and by far make a statement. Look for ballet flats in bold metallics, laser cut-outs, fancy prints, and baubles. Ballet flats are such a classy addition to any outfit and this season’s trend will definitely pack some punch to this femininely classic shoe.


    This season it’s all about clogs – a classic shoe that has been reinvented in every style imaginable. From your typical wooden heeled clogs with rounded leather toes to even the plastic slingbacks brought to you by Crocs. Does anyone remember Dr. Scholl’s slides being a major trend back in high school? Wear a little piece of nostalgia with similar wooden slide clogs this summer – with embellishments like studs or rhinestones for bonus points. Animal prints on all styles are trending from calf-hair leopard print to cow print. The best part is these classics are both stylish and comfortable which makes them another go-to this season.  



    Finally, a style that we all know and love reemerges this spring and summer in a lively and unconventional way – in color! This season it’s all about the celebration of style and what better way to do that than with doses of color here and there. Opt for a pair of your favorite heeled sandals in bright oranges, chartreuse, or cerulean. Even pastels are a popular hue. The goal is to have a little fun and create happiness wherever you go. 



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    💛 Hats, Handbags, and Hair Accessories: The Best Accessories for Summer 2021

    Accessories are crucial to any spring or summer wardrobe. This year it’s no different; however, as we slowly reemerge from staying safe at home, it feels like we will want to showcase our fashion now more than ever. From hats to handbags to fancy hair accessories – this season it’s all systems go! Accessories are a great way to start as they add a powerful punch to any outfit and are so great for layering or providing that glamorous extra touch. So, if you find yourself heading off on a beach vacation, the pool, or even for a casual stroll, make sure you are toting one of this season’s hottest accessories for 2021. 


    Straw visors are the go-to summer essential hat for the beach or poolside. They are chic and definitely functional in so many ways. One being (my favorite) you can wear your hair up in a bun and not have it be smothered by a hat. You can let your hair or ponytail wave freely. Straw visors also cover your face really well as they have wide brims to provide extra sun protection. Styles range from woven straw, honeycomb straw to artisan-made palm straw. Most are packable too which makes them great for popping in your suitcase.  


    See the world through rose-colored glasses literally this summer everywhere you go. Doesn’t that sound cheery?! Sunglasses on trending in all kinds of colored lenses like red, yellow, and orange. Shapes may vary but old-school aviator types are back in fashion now too. Think the old-school retro type a la Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  


    These netted bags are hugely popular this season. They are also super practical as you can use them anywhere from the Farmer’s Market to the Pool Club. Net bags are well, see-through so make sure you’ve got some fun items that add a little splash. Like sunglasses, headscarves, hair claws, and your SPF. Some net bags come with inserts too in case you want something a little more structured and safe from small items falling out.  


    Keeping the sun off your face is so important. Bucket hats are a great way to keep your face shaded while looking super fashionable doing it. Yes, the ‘90s are back (what’s new) and these little numbers are gaining lots of popularity this spring and summer. Opt for a plain all-black or try one in a fun colorful print in an oversize style while you are outdoors playing in the sun.  


    Headscarves are ideal for summer days as they are cute and will keep your hair out of your face. You can tie your scarf into a ton of different styles too like a headband, ponytail accessory, or a head wrap. They will elevate any low-maintenance hairstyle and bring it to life. Grab a few of these silky or satin styles with elegant patterns and colors.  


    The ultimate summer statement piece is a fashionable beach towel while lounging at the pool or beach. You want to ensure your beach towel is fashion-forward because it will also double as a sarong or beach cover-up if you want it to be. So, make sure it’s made of a nice sturdy fabric and has a fun design or print. Plus, it just looks so chic and high-class and you will use it all summer long. 


    Beach bags in natural materials like straw seem to always make their way to popularity for the spring and summer months. Grab a woven tote bag one in a classic structured shape or one in a boxier style. These bags are great from airplane straight to the beach as they are great carry-alls for all of your valuable possessions. 


    Probably this season’s most important accessory: the face mask. Be prepared by always carrying a few face masks in your beach bag or purse. They come in so many adorable prints that it is always wise to bring a couple along with you when you are out and about. Be extra and attach a chain necklace to it for a little extra glam and also so you can conveniently take it on and off without losing it or having to put it away each time. It’s hands-free!  


    Speaking of hands-free, electronic accessory holders are slowly becoming all the rage. Whether that’s a fashion chain for your ear pods or a shoulder strap sheath for your iPhone. Go the extra mile by giving your electronics some love in stylish cases. This whole trend was created due to the low-maintenance/minimalist style of being at home. If you ever left the house, you only wanted to carry with you the essentials. It’s perfect in case you’re dashing out the door and don’t want to carry a full purse or bag. Genius.   


    Lastly, make a bold fashion statement with jewelry. Trends to follow are layering a variety of necklaces with different textures and made out of various materials. Gold jewelry is also very on-trend from chain necklaces to chunky gold hoops. Bejeweled cuffs mixed with colored gems pack a punch on your wrist too. However, you decide to add a piece or pieces of jewelry make sure it’s bold, beautiful, and colorful. This season’s accessories aren’t faint of heart – they came to be known and shown off! 




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