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    🤎 10 Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Sustainable Fashion

    April is Earth Month! A special time that acknowledges global sustainability and focuses on how we can take action to make our world a better place to live.

    In honor of Earth Month, Zulily has launched its first-ever Sustainability Shop to bring awareness to families of how they can have a big impact over time if we make small changes at home. So as Zulily is doing our part, we want to help other shoppers shop smart by giving you the power to shop ethically sustainable pieces. As the fashion industry is one of the leading causes of pollution on the planet, sustainable fashion begins with fabric that we purchase. Here are 10 sustainable fabrics that support eco-friendly fashion.


     As one of the world’s largest denim manufacturers, Levi’s has apparel in more than 100 countries worldwide. They too have chosen to spearhead the movement towards change and progression by promoting eco-friendly and sustainable practices like recyclable denim made from cottonized hemp and organically sourced cotton. Basically, they use a special type of hemp that has been “cottonized” to feel like cotton. They also design clothing using recycled water bottles in order to keep waste out of landfills. Plus, they have made great strides to reduce water use in the process of denim production with the Levi’s Water<Less innovations since 2011. Levi’s has and continues to make a major impact one step at a time.


    Recycled cotton is the process of converting cotton fabric into cotton fiber that can then be reused into a product. Many brands are recycling post-consumer scraps from going into the landfill by repurposing them. From T-shirts to blue jeans and beyond, look for materials that are made of recycled cotton as they are sustainable alternatives in textiles. 


    Organic cotton is processed without chemicals, pesticides, and with ecological practices like promoting soil health. Unlike the growth of normal cotton which is chemical-intensive and creates water waste, organic cotton has a much lower impact on the environment. It also has a much softer feel than regular cotton fabrics. Many companies are now using organic cotton in garments as they are known for being eco-friendly to the environment.


    Linen is derived from the flax plant and is very similar to hemp in terms of sustainability. Its growth requires very little pesticide or irrigation. Linen is a great material for anything from pants to bedding. It’s also a fabric that will keep you cool as it lowers your body temperature in the summer, unlike cotton. The look of linen is also great because even if this fabric wrinkles, that’s how it is meant to look. It gives you that effortlessly chic look while also being eco-friendly.


    Many major retailers are now producing ethically sustainable leggings and sustainable travel bags that come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and prints that are made from recycled plastic. Their recycled polyester is made from plastic water bottles in and around areas in China. Fishing nets, which would otherwise end up at the bottom of the ocean destroying an innumerable amount of sea wildlife, are turned into nylon. Both materials combined make an ideal combination for workout gear. The recycled polyester and Lycra blend that many sports bras contain, ensure lightweight comfort along with moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry during a high-impact workout. Recycled plastic is so versatile it can be used for light activewear to cozy sustainable fleece. Patagonia is probably the most well-known brand for pioneering the movement when they created the fleece jacket out of recycled plastic water bottles back in 1993. Since then others have followed in ethical outdoor wear and jackets can now be found in recycled down, polyester, and wool. Simply put, there’s a lot to love about eco-friendly jackets that will keep you warm and feeling good about it. Take your impact to the next level by wearing eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester to reduce your carbon footprint.


    Enconyl is regenerated nylon that begins with removing waste from our landfills. Dresses and swimwear are another great eco-friendly way to stay cool this summer. Look for materials like recycled Enconyl (recycled nylon from plastic) mixed with blends of natural silk for dresses. Also, Enconyl is made from recycled fishing nets, ocean plastic, and its production doesn’t require much water.


    TENCEL is also referred to as Lyocell that is also very well-known in the sustainable fashion world. It is produced from sustainably sourced natural wood and known for its softness. A button-down shirt dress for the summer is a super cute, lightweight, and cool option. You can now “dress clean” in fabrics such as TENCEL, a silky fiber made from wood pulp grown on specialized tree farms. The motto here: minimal footprint and maximum comfort.


    Modal is another luxurious fabric that is so soft and silky. Similar to TENCEL, modal is made of pulp from trees, specifically beech trees. Given its super soft feel, modal is used mainly in pajamas, underwear, and sheets. Tops and tanks are also an ideal way to wear modal as it’s lightweight and breathable. You just might find this to be your new favorite material.


    Bamboo is a natural fabric that is made from bamboo plants that are known for their high quality and sustainability. Bamboo textiles are also recognized for being ultra-soft and breathable hence why it’s a popular fabric in bed sheets and pajamas. Don’t sleep on adding bamboo fabrics into your wardrobe and bedding too.


    Alpaca wool is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly wools as they are raised in their indigenous areas more humanely than most animals shorn for their coat. Other naturally derived fabrics from animals include merino wool, sheep wool, and cashmere. Hoodies, pullovers, sweaters, cardigans socks, and the like (including loungewear sets) are great everyday options for when the temperatures start to drop and are also made using sustainable and comfortable materials.

    Upcycling your own clothes is a great way to transform items that appear worn or outdated, new again! Here are a few tips to try to upcycle your clothes:

    • Some fabrics like wool tend to form pill balls after regular wear. Shave off those pill balls from sweaters and sweatshirts by using a fabric shaver or depiller. This is one way to upcycle your clothes to make them feel like new again. 
    • Turn an old pair of jeans into jean cut-offs that can be worn all summer. All you need is a pair of scissors to add an entirely new item to your collection.  
    • I also want to point out that how you care for and wash your fabrics/laundry is just as important. The “Laundry Footprint” is a thing after all, a.k.a. the carbon footprint of laundry. So try to do your part by following these easy steps to reduce your carbon footprint when you do your laundry.

    The one message that I hope to get across is the importance of shopping sustainably. Even if you are just starting out, pay attention to the materials that are on the labels of the clothes that you are purchasing and how they were sourced. Also, by bringing awareness to the brands that are doing their part for the greater good and their retailers for highlighting them.

    Here’s to a better tomorrow. For a better future for our children. To better the environment and do good for our planet. After all, we only get one, and we can all do our part to do better for Mother Earth. One step at a time.



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    💙 The Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

    What’s the number one rule in fashion? Dressing per your body type and wearing what looks good on you in order to flatter it. Other than that, frankly, there are very few rules. After all, style is up to you, what you make of it and how you put all the fashion together. I’m just here to give you some fashion tips, tricks, and the latest trends along the way. I also have had the honor of training and teaching women how to find their best fit of jeans while working as a Stylist in my fashion career. So, in today’s lesson, we are going to learn how important it is to find the right fitting pair of jeans – a wardrobe staple. As our once most worn item in the weekly rotation, I think now is a good time to bring jeans back into the conversation as we begin to move out of stay-at-home orders. The fact is; however; that even though something is on trend does not necessarily mean it will flatter everyone. So, the more you know what suits you and your body type and the features to look for is key to this lesson. Here are the ways to find the perfect jeans for your body type.


    Types of Denim


    • Straight Leg – same width throughout thigh, knee & leg
    • Bootcut – slightly flared leg opening made to accommodate a boot
    • Flare – tighter at the knee with a flared leg opening
    • Skinny – slimmest at the ankle & throughout the leg
    • Boyfriend – slightly looser fit all over with the cuffed hem
    • Trouser – Mom-jean style with a baggier fit 


    • Low Rise – sits below belly button – about 2-3”
    • Mid Rise – sits barely below the belly button 
    • High Rise – sits above the belly button


    • Dark Wash
    • Light to Medium Wash
    • Colored Denim

    Body Types


    If you have an equal size shoulder to hip ratio with a smaller waist or similar, accentuate those curves, honey! Bootcut and flare jeans that are fitted through the thighs and flare at the bottom are your go-to styles as they showcase your best features. Curvy figured gals also do well with stretch and a well-defined waist like high-waisted jeans to accentuate their smaller waistlines. This will also ensure that the dreaded gaping doesn’t form at the back of the jeans which is a common dilemma for this body type. 

    • Seek Out – Flares or wider leg flares, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, dark wash denim
    • Avoid – Baggy jeans, too much stretch in your denim
    • The Look – For an all-around fabulous look try high-waisted slim flare jeans, a black V-neck top, and heels for a simple yet chic look.



    Women with an athletic body shape may not have the most curves, but they are able to wear practically any jean style they choose as they are able to create them! Athletic body types can also wear low-rise jeans really well and mid-rise jeans too. Since the key takeaway is to create a more womanly silhouette, look for more feminine styles and jeans that will help you achieve this look. Usually, this means elongating and lengthening the leg with long, slim styles on athletic frames.

    • Seek Out – Low-rise or mid-rise jeans, feminine styles, long & lean styles that will create curves & length on your adorable figure.
    • Avoid – High-waisted, straight-legs, baggy styles that will only make you look frumpy & shapeless when you’re obviously not!
    • The Look –  A voluminous blouse with feminine details, low-rise flare jeans, and platform heels is the winning recipe here!



    Pear-shaped ladies have slender shoulders and wider hips. One of the main areas of concern they run into with fit is gaping in the back of their jeans with their narrow waist to hip ratio. Contoured waistbands and high-waisted jeans are an excellent choice for pear-shaped body types. Boyfriend and mom-jeans styles alike will fit high on your smaller waistlines without gaping and will allow comfort through the hips and thighs.

    • Seek Out – High-rise jeans, straight leg jeans, tapered jeans, and dark wash denim will skim your pear shape perfectly.
    • Avoid – Low-rise, light-blue wash denim will only look drab on your gorgeous figure. 
    • The Look – Balance out your proportions with a structured blazer, high-waisted straight-leg black jeans, a crew-neck T-shirt, and heels.



    If your upper and lower bodies are in proportion and you have a shorter waist, then you have an apple body type. The goal here is to elongate the figure to create the image of curves and to define a waistline. Therefore, we focus the attention on elongating the legs creating the artistry of curves. Jeans with a high elastic waistband are a great idea, especially, if they are a skinny style and highlight your thin legs. Bootcut, ankle or tapered jeans are also super flattering to accentuate slim hips and thighs.

    • Seek Out – Bootcut, ankle, tapered or skinny jeans which will flatter your slender hips & thighs.
    • Avoid – High-waisted jeans and low-rise jeans will draw away from your beautiful assets.
    • The Look – Pair dark skinny jeans with a longer tunic top and layer with a longer blazer and flats for a figure-flattering look!


    With so many styles of jeans on the market and what is “trending,” it can be so difficult to choose just the right pair. However, with these simple ways to narrow down the right styles for your body type, the goal is: I hope you go out there and find the perfect pair that is right for YOU!

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    💗Joggers: The Most Versatile Pants for Running Errands, Breaking a Sweat or Lounging

    Let’s talk about the jogger for a moment, shall we? This pant has had quite the rotation in my quarantine wardrobe and I feel it needs to be celebrated. It is one of those pants that is the best, most versatile bottom as it has the comfort of a sweatpant but the style of a regular pant. A jogger is a pant you could get away with wearing to run an errand even if it was technically a pajama bottom. They are also like an update to the leggings craze and are flattering to all body types. So if you are a little tired of your usual old leggings and want something new read on. And since I really can’t think of a reason not to love joggers, I wanted to discuss the variety of types to choose from when selecting your joggers. 


    Velour Joggers

    The epitome of ultimate cozy and comfort is found in the velour jogger. I bought my first pair of velour joggers around Christmas last year and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I seriously had to force myself not to wear them every day and that was the biggest daily struggle every morning while getting ready. I believe you have to seek out quality if you want to experience the highest level of comfort, but they are definitely out there. Velour joggers are peak cozy collection pants and I think they can still be cute worn out on the street too. Grab a matching hoodie to go with our pair with a neutral-colored sweatshirt. 


    Woman wearing faux leather jogger pants

    The jogger turns edgy once you combine it with faux leather. This is a great pant if you want to go from day to night and look office-appropriate but also cool and not like you are trying too hard. They are stylish and pair nicely with blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, boots, and heels. Just depends on the occasion and the vibe you are going for. Size up if you prefer a baggier style or down if you like your faux leather joggers tighter. 


    Woman wearing a tie-dye matching jogger set

    This 70’s inspired craze is still having a major moment and the jogger pant is no exception to this rule. Dare I even call it timeless? Because right now, tie-dye seems like a print that is here to stay. It’s so colorful, bright and there are so many unique color options to choose from. I love a tie-dye matching jogger set in a long or short sleeve or tie-dye joggers are cute on their own too. These lightweight joggers are great for spring and summer as these colorful options make them splashy for the upcoming seasons. 


    Woman wearing cargo jogger pants in green with zippers

    Cargo joggers are awesome because they have pockets! There are two types of cargo joggers: a more professional work-type cargo jogger and a sweatpant-style cargo jogger. Both are great and highly functional for the purpose you need them for. Style your olive green cargo work joggers with a navy checkered button-down, platform heels, and neutral-colored tote bag. Your laid-back cargo sweatpants will be cute with a cropped white tee, sneakers, and black backpack.


    Woman working out wearing joggers

    Some joggers are specifically designed for working out. They have thick, high waistbands and the fabric is moisture-wicking which is great for low or high-intensity workouts. The fabric is also super comfortable too which makes it versatile for staying at home to lounge in. The pockets are another huge plus in workout joggers as they have large pockets for phone storage. If you can get a matching hoodie and athletic sneakers to go with your workout joggers you can complete this sporty look. 


    Woman wearing a sleep joggers a pajama set in pink leopard print

    Since sleep joggers are mainly meant for sleeping and lounging, why not get joggers or a set made out of the coziest material you can find? Something lightweight or cooler for the spring and summer like modal and perhaps a little warmer like flannel for the winter. French terry is another good fabric for jammies as it is known for its higher quality. I would also recommend a slimmer fit so they are not loose against your body while you sleep. Again, sleep sets are great here because they are easy to reach for at night to slip into before bed. 


    Woman wearing green joggers a matching jogger sweatpants & sweatshirt set

    Jogger sets are great as you get a matching top and bottom which is basically a wardrobe essential at this point. I feel it is the best combo to throw on for a Saturday morning coffee run or to walk the dog before work in the morning. You can even layer with a puffy vest or jacket when it’s cold. It looks put together and feels just as comfortable. Plus there are so many colors and patterns to choose from – the options are endless! Neutrals are great and colorful tie-dyes are fun too. I recommend stocking up on a few sets as they always come in handy in the weekly or weekend rotation. 

    The moral of the story here is that you don’t have to be an avid jogger or runner in order to wear jogger pants. In fact, they are quite possibly more comfortable as lounge or streetwear pants depending on your style. The best part is that they look great on practically everyone and they are easy to get your hands on! With so many styles to choose from, which joggers are you going to try?  



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    💜 Top Spring & Summer Dresses That Are Trending 2021

    This spring and summer, with all of our enthusiasm pent up, now is your chance to play dress up and break out of the dullness of wearing our weekly sweatpant uniform. A new dress can make you feel beautiful and is one of those pieces that can do wonders for our confidence level. It is very evident that this season’s styles are geared towards lightweight, effortless designs which are meant for relaxing at home or taking on a beach vacation. Much like our lifestyles will be from now until the end of 2021. However, we are also seeing some bold, bright trends rolled into the mix. Perhaps for those that want to shake things up a bit and have a little fun this spring and summer. Volume is popular again with trends like puffy sleeves reminiscent of the eccentric 80’s style mini dresses – fun for a special occasion. There are many to choose from in prints, patterns, and styles this spring and summer. Read on below to discover the top spring and summer dress trends of 2021.  

    Nap Dress

    Really, it was a trend last year, but it seems to be making a bigger comeback this year. Likely, working from home will continue throughout the summer. This peasant-style dress was inspired by Hill House Home and likely gained momentum when Bridgerton debuted earlier this year. There are many different styles you can choose from, such as dusty pink ruched busts and capped sleeves, long floral tiered maxis, or whimsical prairie dresses in solid white. They are so cute to style for spring, summer, or even as we long ahead to fall as well! From boho chic with sandals, a leather cross-body, and a jean jacket. Or, you can go grunge with boots, a graphic tee, and a leather jacket into fall. 

    Bold Colors

    Bright and bold colors bring that spring refresh we have been looking for! It will also bring life and vibrancy back into our closets. So be on the lookout for colors especially in bubblegum pink and yellows this spring and summer. Also prints in – bold florals and colorful new takes on tie-dyes. Just as these colors are splashy, so are their styles. From maxi and midi lengths to puffy and asymmetrical sleeves – these styles are dying to be taken out on the town or to a dine-in-only restaurant. Perhaps this summer you can dance the night away this summer in one of these hot summer dresses! 

    White Dresses

    In the name of this season’s spirit of effortless chic, white dresses have naturally found their way to top trending dresses of spring and summer 2021. I mean, what is more effortless, fresh, and classic than a spring white dress? From poplin midis, tiered maxis or peasant dresses with puffy sleeves – these sweet numbers will keep you feeling your best all spring and summer long. They are so boho and cool, that you can throw on a pair of sandals or sneakers and look easily put together. White dresses are great for vacations too as they double as beach cover-ups or tunics. Throw them on with flip-flops for when you head to lunch on the beach.

    Slip Dress

    slip dress is one of those versatile pieces in your closet that you can pretty much wear all year round. For spring, you can choose a midi floral print slip dress and pair it with quilted slides and an oversized cardigan. For a dressier look try a silk or satin slip dress in a pastel or lighter color. Then, pair with an edgy moto jacket and boots or heels. That’s one thing that makes slip dresses so great, you can wear them with anything and they won’t fight with much. They layer perfectly under or over everything like a basic T-shirt or long sleeve even for fall too. That’s why it is wise to have slip dresses in a couple of different colors and prints in your wardrobe.

    Mini Dress

    The 80’s mini dress is having a moment for spring and summer. I see it as, once social distancing orders have lifted (hopefully this summer) everyone is going to celebrate! So let’s bust out our 80’s mini dresses ladies – just in time for summer! If you are ready to show a little leg, summer is probably the time to do it. Puffy sleeves, maybe a little glitter too? I see this trend as being something I could get in on. The more color the better too! So look out for bright, bold, and statement colors because I think it’s time for a celebration!

    Maxi Dress

    This season, the long maxi dresses are very much in style – be it straight or oversized as it is very much a symbol of femininity. Maxi dresses are so versatile and look great on nearly every body type which makes them universally flattering. I love that they have a boho vibe and that they also transcend all seasons. You can take one maxi dress and change it up until spring, summer or fall by adding a new coat or shoe to give it a completely different look. For spring, try an oversized spaghetti strap floral maxi dress with gladiator sandals, a Levi’s crop jean jacket, and a straw tote bag.  

    Spring is definitely upon us and I hope these dress trends get you excited to start dressing up again! With all these new styles out there it makes it so fun to start trying new trends – which ones will you try this spring and summer? 




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    💚 11 Ways to Style Cargo Pants for Women

    Cargo pants are making a comeback from the ’90s and are also one of the most casual pants you can own. They are also so comfortable too if we are talking about the ones with the elastic waistband. Generally, they are not restrictive either as they come in baggier styles with more forgiving fabric in the thigh area. After sweatpants, cargo pants take a close second and take your look up a notch. So, let’s explore all the fun and exciting ways to style cargo pants this spring and into the next season.


    With a Bodysuit

    Baggy or oversized cargo pants with a tight high-neck bodysuit are super flattering and have been a trending look lately. Loving a black, white, or neutral-colored bodysuit with green or khaki cargo pants. This is one of those looks that takes minimal effort but looks instantly chic. Wear with white classic sneakers or dress it up with a square-toed heel sandal for a fresh spring look. You can even add a structured jean jacket and clutch bag.



    With a Statement Blouse

    If you want to dress up your cargo pants, try a puffy sleeve blouse or one with pretty details to add a touch of femininity to your masculine cargo pants. This will instantly make you look polished and prepared for any setting – formal or informal. Add gold dangle earrings, heeled ankle boots, or flat tennis shoes to make this look pop.


    With a Button-Down

    For a classic look, you can never go wrong with the ever timeless white button-down blouse. This classic top will always add just the right amount of sophistication to any outfit and cargo pants are no exception here. Front tuck your blouse into your army green cargo pants and add a pair of black boots. 


    With a T-shirt & Blazer

    For a casual yet chic vibe, pair your cargo pants with a slouchy T-shirt and tailored black blazer. This effortless combo looks cool and professional at the same time. This is why it’s a look seen on many celebrities. You can opt for a pair of heels or sneakers to round out this high-profile look. 


    With an Oversized Sweater

    While the weather is still cooler, wear your tight cargo pants with an oversized cable knit sweater or neutral of your choice. Add a pair of moto leather black ankle boots with hardware and an oversized handbag for walking around town.


    With a Crop Top/Sweatshirt

    Crop tops or crop sweatshirts are cute for adding that loungewear vibe to your look only it’s more elevated because you have on cargo pants. This is a fun daytime look and also on-trend as streetwear style with heels or fashion sneakers. If it’s a cold day this look would also be cute with a long wool overcoat or trench coat.



    With a Sweater Set

    Sweater sets are so adorable, feminine and are all the rage for spring. Sweater sets have been cropped this season for an edgier style but will look fashion-forward when paired with your high-waisted straight-leg cargo pants. You can even front-tuck your cardigan into the pants too. Add a pair of strappy leather sandals to complete the look. 


    With a Leather Jacket

    Give your fresh fatigues a little oomph by pairing them with a sleek black top and leather jacket. This look is definitely one that could go from day to evening while keeping you feeling tough yet chic all at the same time. A pair of quilted kitten heels or casual white tennis shoes would be adorable for this overall classic vibe. Add a cross-body bag or clutch too!


    With a Graphic Tee

    For a casual streetwear look, pair your comfortable jogger-inspired cargo pants with a tight-knit graphic top. Bright colors are fun to experiment with here as well. Since this is a laid-back look, style with a pair of slip-on sneakers or Converse and a sporty backpack. 


    With Platform Heels or Ankle Booties

    Really elevate the stylish vibe of your cargo pants by busting out your favorite platform heels or ankle booties. I mean how long has it been anyways since we have rocked our heels? So schedule that date night with your significant other at that restaurant you have been dying to go to! Throw on those heels with your cargo pants, a dressy blouse, and a blazer and you are certainly going to be dressed to impress!


    As a Jumpsuit

    If you are fully cargo committed, slip into a jumpsuit or boiler suit in some of this season’s hottest trends. Opt for short sleeves with buttons down the front and some even come with elastic waistbands too which will flatter and cinch you in. Accessorize with chunky jewelry and military-inspired boots or slide sandals for spring.


    These are just a few of the many ways you can style a pair of cargo pants. I think they add a level of style to any outfit. Plus they are oh so comfy too. This way we can ease out of our sweatpants slowly, thanks to the cargo pants. This jumpstart may make us feel like we can get back to dressing like our normal selves again! So, hopefully, these tips got you motivated and inspired to jump back on the fashion bandwagon, with some new cargo pants in your life! Happy spring styling!




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    With all the time we have spent inside, even more reason to turn our homes into that cozy oasis. By adding touches of luxury into your daily routine you create little moments that are just for you. So, treat yourself by slipping into some of the most luxurious slippers and setting aside time to relax in them each day. These 15 cozy slippers will surely calm your mood while keeping you warm and comfortable. 



    The best-known version of the shearling slipper is the UGG in its most popular Coquette and Scuffette II slip-on styles which seem to sell out instantly around the holiday season. The Coquette has a thick underside tread which is great if you want them for indoor and outdoor purposes. Other brands have similar styles that include sherpa-lined suede slippers or faux fur-lined slippers that are equally as great. 



    Normally the moccasin is similar to a shearling slipper as they are lined with a genuine sheepskin lining. However, having full-back coverage makes it a cozy and more versatile alternative. Highly durable, they can be worn indoors or outdoors for your morning coffee runs. 



    These furry slides are so soft, comfortable, and cozy that your feet will thank you. You may even want a blanket or robe to match so you can envelop your entire body in this wonderful plushness. For now, treat your feet to the wonderful luxury of these cushioned slides. 



    Made of merino wool or a wool blend these house slippers will adjust to your body temperature. Another great aspect of wool is that it is highly breathable and moisture-wicking in case you have misty feet.



    Don’t get cold feet. Encase them in the cozy warmth of ankle booties instead. There are several levels of warmth and styles to choose from depending on where you choose to wear your bootie slippers. So, whether you are gearing up for a Netflix marathon in your plush fur booties or heading out to meet a friend in your shearling ankle booties, your feet will be wrapped in love and warmth. 



    Slipper slides are a great style to wear because they bring total comfort and style to your at-home uniform. These easy-on slippers will also jazz up any outfit as they come in a variety of styles and prints. You can find them in super soft faux fur with colorful and unique patterns too.



    Spoil your feet in a pair of memory foam slippers that feature a cushioned sole that foam molds to your foot. Sounds pretty heavenly, right? This is another option that provides cushion throughout the day whether you are outside or inside drinking tea.  



    If the idea of wearing your favorite sweater on your feet didn’t give you cozy vibes, I don’t know what will. Keep your feet cozy in a pair of slippers resembling your cable knit cardigan and you’re free to move about your house in total and complete comfort.  



    Fashioned with a soft, quilted design these slippers resemble sheer elegance. Especially in satin and silk for the ultimate in luxury and instant spa experience. Many quilted slippers also come equipped with memory foam to ensure you are truly walking on cloud nine in your own home.



    Terry Cloth anyone? These are classics and quite simply a staple. So, refresh your “I just stepped out of the bath” collection by adding these supersoft slippers to it. These one-strap lightly cushioned basics are perfect as a little neutral pair to wear with your getting-ready bathrobe. 



    The slippers with the double-straps were a huge trend this season. Mostly in faux fur, wild prints, and in some cases, platform styles with a strap. At any rate, this slipper is fun and will keep your feet looking pretty (or unique) too. 



    Ballerina slippers are elegant for slipping on after a long day. They are lightweight and have grips that protect your feet from sliding on smooth floors and surfaces. They keep your feet warm without getting too hot – so they are a perfect balance. These ballerina slippers will keep you on your toes.



    Sandal slippers are the epitome of casual chic which feature an open toe that allows your feet to stay cool. So, your feet stay cool while you stay cozy in your warm robe or pajamas. Sandal slippers come in your traditional thong or slide style with plush faux fur. 



    Keep your toes warm and toasty from morning to night when you’re wearing your clog slippers around the house. These are lined with cozy sherpa or faux fur and come in a convenient slide style for easy access. As a matter of fact, some clog styles have the sherpa fur on the outside for even more of a statement style. After all, sherpa is a cozy trend. Clogs are a style that can be worn outside too. 



    Slipper socks are always an adorable way to treat your chilly feet to a cozy treat. They are light enough to wear around the home and to curl up on the couch with a good book. Some even come with pom-poms or cute teddy bear faces which are so cute and will cheer up any mood.

    Happy Slipper Shopping!



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