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    💙 Bailey’s Q&A Style Tips: How to Style a Scarf this Winter

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    Q: What is a fun, new way that I can jazz up my winter look?

    A: Add a scarf to your winter ensemble! There are so many fun ways you can style it, that you can get so many looks out of just one scarf!

    In my opinion, scarves don’t get enough credit in the winter wardrobe department. Not only are they highly functional for warmth, but they add an eye-catching color or pattern to any outfit. I recently purchased an oversized camel scarf with fringe that I never leave home without. It’s so large that it drags on the ground if I don’t wrap it around a few times, but that’s the beauty of it! I can style it so many ways that it’s like I have a new scarf every time I wear it! So, do yourself a favor and purchase an oversized scarf this winter and here are a few ways you can style it!

    The Simple Drape

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    The simple drape is the easiest way you can wear your scarf as you simply let your scarf drape around your neck and let it hang. This may not be the warmest way to wear your scarf but it will definitely provide a nice pop of color or pattern mixing to your outfit. Think a solid colored, long wool coat paired with a plaid or houndstooth print scarf. This style is a casual chic streetwear look that pairs great with everything.

    The Belted Drape

    woman wearing pink coated and leopard print scarf that is belted in winter

    The belted drape style is another great way to change up your look. When belted, you kinda get that cool menswear sweater vest vibe that’s really on trend right now. To achieve this look, simply drape your scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang over your outfit. Then, add a skinny belt over the scarf at your waist. This look would work with a basic white long sleeve tunic and jeans. You could totally play around with different types of belts with big belt buckles too. Finally, layer your belted scarf with your favorite winter coat.

    The Toss

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    The toss is another staple in the world of scarf styling. It’s a common way to wear your scarf, but noteworthy, as it’s classy and sophisticated. Simply drape your scarf evenly around your neck, then toss one end over your shoulder. This look goes with anything from dressy to casual! I like to wear mine tossed over my left shoulder then I spread out the sides for a drapey look. Pair it with a T-shirt, jeans and winter coat.

    The Reverse Drape

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    The reverse drape looks similar to the look of a cowl neck sweater. Simply drape the scarf evenly around your neck and let it hang. Then, toss each end of the scarf over each shoulder. Finally, pull and fluff the scarf to create that cowl-neck effect which will definitely keep your neck warm. This will also pair nicely over a simple top or sweater. 

    The European Loop or Classic Pull Through

    woman sitting in a cafe wearing a european loop scarf in winter.

    The European loop is a classic. This scarf styling technique is fairly standard but it’s still chic and will polish off your look. For this tie, double your scarf in half, and loop it over your neck to bring both of the ends to the front. Then, pull the loose ends through the loop and gently tighten. This one is great for showcasing your scarf and for keeping your neck warm! This style is great dressed up or down. 


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