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    😍 Babe-a-licious Lashes


    Let’s start off with a little beauty horror story that happened to me about a year ago, shall we?  It was a day like any other, getting ready for work and putting on my makeup.  As I was prepping for mascara, I thought I would try this new eyelash curler that had been laying around in the bottom of my makeup drawer.  I rarely use an eyelash curler, but on this particular day, I guess I got a wild hair to try it out for a change.  I had my face practically pressed up to the magnifying mirror and clamped down on my lash line with the eyelash curler – like I’d normally done in the past with others.  I was kind of in a hurry and as I forcefully pulled the curler away – as it was a little sticky – along came the entire inside eyelashes from the cornea to about mid lash of my right eye!!   As I looked down, the lashes were in fact stuck onto the eyelash curler like glue.

    I panicked.  My first thought was that my hair was falling out and I might have an underlying medical condition to explain this.  (I’m not a hypochondriac or anything 😉) I mean how could my lashes be falling out that easily to begin with?  Disclaimer:  it was not in fact a serious medical condition – this was just an accident involving me being in a rush and too much force when releasing the eyelash curler.  My next thought:  how long does it take eyelashes to grow back?  Answer: about six months!  What in the world am I going to do about this for the next couple months?  I needed a game plan, stat!  Enter: Babe Lash Eyelash Serum.

    I began doing research immediately on all the eyelash products that were out on the market – read all the reviews, checked out all the various brands, and decided to do a little experiment.  The verdict: Babe Lash Eyelash Serum worked like magic and my lashes were looking longer in about 4 weeks or less.  And no joke, they appeared fuller and stronger than ever before!  So of course, I got the entire kit – the Eyelash Serum, Enhancing Conditioner and Volumizing Mascara to boot!*  I cannot emphasize enough about how much these products saved my eyelashes, and for the better.  I have always had long eyelashes but never very full or voluptuous as they are now.  Along, with the serum and conditioning of my eyelashes, the Volumizing Mascara is like the cherry on top!  It also makes me feel complete that I am using the same brand in the entire 3-part system to enhance the length and volume of my lashes.  I am a die-hard fan of Babe Lash – and would not take the time to write about something if I didn’t believe 100% in their product.  I encourage you to try even if you have never considered using an eyelash serum before.  I apply mine every night with one simple swipe over each lash line, after I wash my face before bed.  It’s now a vital part of my nightly beauty routine.  It’s simple and painless – you can even refer to their product guide for more information.

    I was talking to my BFF, style icon, and grandma, who we call Baba (who is 90 years old) last night and we agreed to do an experiment on her eyelashes too.  So, for the next couple weeks she is going to start with the Eyelash Serum every night and we will track her results.  Stay tuned for before/after pictures of the magic unfolding right before your eyes!

    Even if you don’t take my word for it – give it a try for yourself!  If you would like to try it out, Babe Lash is offering 20% off all product if you use promo code LASHLOVE20 at checkout!  Click here to check out their products online.  You’re going to love Babe Lash!

    Talk to you all again soon!

    💋 T.B.D.

    *In partnership with Babe Lash, I reached out to Babe Lash to share my experience and how they saved my lashes.  In exchange, they gifted me product in September 2018.  I have been a loyal Babe Lash aficionado since July 2017.

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    💗 “Boudior”

    Back at it! 

    I created this website from my laptop, literally on my lap, while sitting on my living room couch.  I forced myself to stay up some nights until nearly 3 a.m. planning out captivating ideas for all the lovely people out there that will want to read, while staying true to a concept and voice that is authentic to me.  In blogging, they say being something who you are not or being fake is transparent and comes across to readers as so immediately.  So, with that in mind, I want this project to be great, which is why I took my time to be mindful about what direction, focus and message I want to get across.  Once, I was grounded on concept, I needed room to write and a space where I could lay out all my ideas.  I needed a space now, to design and that meant to create a writing space where I can totally “zen out” with no distractions and get some words out on the page in peace.

    After months of “negotiating” (begging and pleading rather) with my boyfriend to share the spare bedroom where he keeps his clothes and gets dressed, so that I can “be creative”, he finally gave in.  One day, totally out of the blue, he had set up my laptop, monitor and moved our comfy chair up to the desk as a surprise.

    What he didn’t know was that I had been dreaming about that moment since the day I started planning to write this blog – I had already imagined exactly what I wanted it to look like.  So once that talk was out of the way and I had finally secured my desk spot, it was all systems go! (and so, he couldn’t change his mind haha) I mean if you give me an inch, I’ll go a mile and this case was no exception – I had to get my vision out in real life – sort of like the purpose for writing this blog.  

    Unbeknownst to him, I had some serious time to plan out what I wanted to look like – lamps and all.  Several shopping sprees later, multiple trips up and down the stairs (got my steps in!) and coming home to “you bought what now?”  I managed to schlep home all the goods I needed to get to work on putting them together.  I may or may not have gone a little overboard – I mean did I really need that light up letter B or vintage mink stole at the antique store as a throw for over the chair?  Probably not, but I couldn’t resist!  I keep telling Jon, all these purchases are for research purposes. *Wink Wink* Hence, the danger in letting me out of the house to go shopping unsupervised – I’ll convince myself I have to have it.  Anyone else relate?

    By the time I had everything laid out, displayed and arranged in a certain way on the desk, I stepped back and observed.  It was chaos, I could not even find where the top of the desk was anymore.  There was A LOT going on (Jon rolling his eyes yet again and me insisting “just wait until it’s done”) After roughly fifteen attempts to rearrange, remove or edit certain items, I think I finally got it just right.  There may be a few more edits here and there, but who’s counting?

    Lessons learned: how to communicate with your significant other to always get your way.  Jk jk – we compromised.  He was a really good sport about it too and let me just “do my thing.”

    He still has the other half of the room and his closet too.  Although it’s funny because our styles are like night and day.  His is sporty and functional and mine is girly, frilly and aesthetically based.   He does not understand the need for extra “stuff” that has no use.  The tea set I bought antiquing, for example, gives him the creeps because he thinks it belonged to a dead grandma.  I think it’s cute and it can be functional.  So, when you walk into the room, at first it looks like Martha Stewart living met running back for the Dallas Cowboys legend, Emmitt Smith, decided to go halves on it, and this was the finished product.  So, look out for us in Architectural Digest’s latest feature “Den Designs that Inspire for Fall” is all I’m saying 😉  We’re both happy – and that’s what matters most 😊

    Where to shop:

    The best part is that I did manage to do all this under a somewhat “tight” budget.  I got thrifty by seeking out haunts like antique stores for one-of-a-kind additions and the Dollar Tree for basics like fall scented candles, frames, variety of vases, glassware and more.  I also organized all our closet spaces in our apartment and cleaned out that pesky “top drawer” that I have wanted to do for months.  I bought all new storage containers there too and it looks great.  I can get the same thing for a dollar as I can at Target for $15 – I know because I compared items 💁‍♀️

    Target – to find a quality lamps with the correct dimensions to fit on either end  of the desk.

    Home Goods – for odds and ends – such as the white bird jewelry display on the upper shelf.

    Pottery Barn – for overstuffed desk chair

    Ikea – furry rug

    I shopped my old trustee, Trader Joe’s where I can always find the best flowers and plants for a great price.  I shop once a week for fresh flowers to make a themed table arrangement.  I shop for indoor plants (i.e. succulents) as well as fresh roses, potted begonias and whatever else is in season at the time.

    The rest of the items I either had around the house or have collected over time.

    I love exploring new places – so I’ll keep you posted on more great finds.  Share the places you love to shop for home decor with me, by commenting below!

    What you need to create your space:

    1.  A sturdy desk 😊
    2. Good lighting – natural light if you’ve got it is a huge bonus but if not, invest in some nice lamps/lampshades with soft white bulbs to warm up the room.
    3. Color –  Add some pretty colors and aesthetics to your domain.  For instance, a fun pillow with fur in a vibrant color or fresh flowers, plants, and greenery can add instant life to any space. 
    4. A solid, comfy and potentially overstuffed chair – one that you can sit in for a couple hours without getting tired.
    5. Function – add a USB port to your computer plug in so you can charge your devices simultaneously while you work.
    6. Flair – add some collectibles or items that hold sentimental value to you, like a silver box that your grandmother gave you that reminds you of her and brings you joy throughout the day.
    7. Scents – add candles, potpourri, energizing citrus or calming lavender fragrances, for example, that gives you a sense of focus, energy or calmness that you need to enhance your mood.

    For now, I am content and so excited to announce that I have a home for my laptop to blog from. And I had such a good time shopping for this little project (including the fun lil’ gems I found along the way), despite the minor annoyances I may have caused.  This space feels more like home to me.  I have arrived 😊 and to showcase a little preview of the new nest, please see the finished product below

    Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more ways to design various spaces in your home, on a budget.  More to come!

    💋 T.B.D.

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    💔 Broken

    I dedicate my first blog to my dad, Alex.

    The loss of a loved one is the worst experience that one has to face.

    There are absolutely no words to describe that type of pain.  I have had the time now to look back now over the past 12 years, and always made a vow to have his story live on and by me putting this out there is adhering to that commitment.  I will be forever grateful for my dad and the lessons he taught to me and my family.  For being the sole supporter for us financially and emotionally during his deep talks about life and through the stories about his past.  He was an amazing friend and although he was a legend in our town – he only had a few really good friends and you quickly knew who those people were.  What a father that man was – he was a guide, a rock and he worked so hard to provide for his family, until his very last day.  He showed me that if you work hard enough – you can do anything you want in life.  He never forced me to follow some path or pushed me towards a career goal that he thought I should pursue – he left that up to me.  He left that up to me by providing me all the means necessary to achieve those dreams. I felt, he really, truly believed in me and I was proud of that. The only way I knew how to return that gift was by somehow, someway to make something of myself in return.  And I fiercely intended to do just that.

    This reminds me of the one of the best memories that I always about my dad.  A little background first:  growing up, my dad was, I guess you could say a “dance dad.”  Haha.  I say dance dad because he was my sister and my greatest supporters – he never missed one single performance.  He was the infamous announcer at our annual hometown dance competition every February at Hearts in Motion. He was 6’3’’ pushing 260 pounds a defensive linebacker type build – he was a big guy so that’s why, in my mind, it paints a funny picture to see my dad in this type of role.  He was our #1 fan, even though he would jokingly call us the “dancing dipshits.” I don’t know why but it always made me laugh because, as I talked about in my bio, we would act out largely dramatic dance shows to our new CDs in our living room every weekend.  He probably just rolled his eyes.  But deep down you knew he was probably laughing raising these two girly girls. 

    My Junior year in High School, I was selected by our head coach, as the understudy to the lead role of one of our very best dancers on the team (who was this amazing gymnast and beautiful dancer might I add) The lead role performed as the Senorita in our Zorro themed routine.  I was honored just to be the understudy, at best!  However, our lead dancer developed a medical condition that inhibited her from performing just two weeks before we left for state. (And no, this was not a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding situation!) jk.  So, I had to unlearn the routine I had been practicing for the last 5 months and relearn an entire 5-minute solo – never shadowing her before.  The difficulty not only lied in dedicating tireless hours of intense training every day along with the memorization and execution of every move. But also, the elements of dance I was expected to perform were at a much higher level than I was used to carrying out.  All this, and with only two weeks practice before our final State competition.  And if that wasn’t enough to make you want to have a panic attack, we were competing amongst the crème de le crème of all high school dancers – the elite – in the State of Oregon.  Some of our biggest competitors like Lincoln High were classically trained dancers – I mean they were goooood.  And here we were 50 and some dance team members, traveling to the “big city”, Portland.  It was a three-hour school bus ride to be there from Pendleton, all this was our chance to show off all the blood, sweat, tears, practice, hard-work, we had dedicated as a team over last year.  And dammit we did just that, every year we brought the competition!

     As I stepped onto the gymnasium floor, “the butterflies” is an understatement.  It was more like an intense pounding of bongo drums in my stomach and heart.  That moment right when the music starts – the adrenaline rush kicked in and took over from there once I heard my queue and went leaping (literally) into the routine.  It almost felt like a dream or an out of body experience when it was over – like something took over me and I just danced.  I performed my heart out that night and nailed the routine. 

    I’ll never forget that moment.  The moment the announcer said “…..and the second place award goes to….Pendleton!!!!!”  I tried to keep it together but then I saw him.  My dad had raced down the stairs from his seats and was literally the first person on the floor cheering form the sidelines – he probably would have run out onto the floor if the security tape wasn’t there.  With his red Ralph Lauren polo shirt with the little black polo icon (to match our theme colors) tears flowing down his beet red face he was beaming!  It was the face that only your dad could make when you can tell how truly proud he was, that quickly brought me to tears with him. The man rarely cried.  I ran over to him and he gave me the biggest hug – he squeezed me so tight with his signature bear hug/chokehold and practically lifted me off the ground!  The thing is: he knew how hard I had worked for that moment. And that with hard-work and dedication – there is a great amount of pride and success that comes with it.

    I owe it to my dad for those valuable lessons and continue to seek out the best that this life has to offer.  So, with that power in my hands and knowing that life is too short to not follow whatever dream or passion that you love –  This is my dream.  To share life experiences and to write about the things that I love that I hope will inspire you too.  I am determined.  And it starts. right. NOW.

    And on the night before I left for New York City – we danced our last dance to Harvest Moon, by Neil Young.  May I always remember you this way.

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    💟 T.B.D.

    Believe it or not ~ I have launched my very first website to share all the pretty things fashion, beauty, floral, blogs and lifestyle on the daily!  Here you will enjoy all things girly, lush, romantic, homey and edgy chic mixed in with a little edge. Welcome to The Bailey Daily