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πŸ’™ The Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

What’s the number one rule in fashion? Dressing per your body type and wearing what looks good on you in order to flatter it. Other than that, frankly, there are very few rules. After all, style is up to you, what you make of it and how you put all the fashion together. I’m just here to give you some fashion tips, tricks, and the latest trends along the way. I also have had the honor of training and teaching women how to find their best fit of jeans while working as a Stylist in my fashion career. So, in today’s lesson, we are going to learn how important it is to find the right fitting pair of jeans – a wardrobe staple. As our once most worn item in the weekly rotation, I think now is a good time to bring jeans back into the conversation as we begin to move out of stay-at-home orders. The fact is; however; that even though something is on trend does not necessarily mean it will flatter everyone. So, the more you know what suits you and your body type and the features to look for is key to this lesson. Here are the ways to find the perfect jeans for your body type.


Types of Denim


  • Straight Leg – same width throughout thigh, knee & leg
  • Bootcut – slightly flared leg opening made to accommodate a boot
  • Flare – tighter at the knee with a flared leg opening
  • Skinny – slimmest at the ankle & throughout the leg
  • Boyfriend – slightly looser fit all over with the cuffed hem
  • Trouser – Mom-jean style with a baggier fit 


  • Low Rise – sits below belly button – about 2-3”
  • Mid Rise – sits barely below the belly button 
  • High Rise – sits above the belly button


  • Dark Wash
  • Light to Medium Wash
  • Colored Denim

Body Types


If you have an equal size shoulder to hip ratio with a smaller waist or similar, accentuate those curves, honey! Bootcut and flare jeans that are fitted through the thighs and flare at the bottom are your go-to styles as they showcase your best features. Curvy figured gals also do well with stretch and a well-defined waist like high-waisted jeans to accentuate their smaller waistlines. This will also ensure that the dreaded gaping doesn’t form at the back of the jeans which is a common dilemma for this body type. 

  • Seek Out – Flares or wider leg flares, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, dark wash denim
  • Avoid – Baggy jeans, too much stretch in your denim
  • The Look – For an all-around fabulous look try high-waisted slim flare jeans, a black V-neck top, and heels for a simple yet chic look.



Women with an athletic body shape may not have the most curves, but they are able to wear practically any jean style they choose as they are able to create them! Athletic body types can also wear low-rise jeans really well and mid-rise jeans too. Since the key takeaway is to create a more womanly silhouette, look for more feminine styles and jeans that will help you achieve this look. Usually, this means elongating and lengthening the leg with long, slim styles on athletic frames.

  • Seek Out – Low-rise or mid-rise jeans, feminine styles, long & lean styles that will create curves & length on your adorable figure.
  • Avoid – High-waisted, straight-legs, baggy styles that will only make you look frumpy & shapeless when you’re obviously not!
  • The Look –  A voluminous blouse with feminine details, low-rise flare jeans, and platform heels is the winning recipe here!



Pear-shaped ladies have slender shoulders and wider hips. One of the main areas of concern they run into with fit is gaping in the back of their jeans with their narrow waist to hip ratio. Contoured waistbands and high-waisted jeans are an excellent choice for pear-shaped body types. Boyfriend and mom-jeans styles alike will fit high on your smaller waistlines without gaping and will allow comfort through the hips and thighs.

  • Seek Out – High-rise jeans, straight leg jeans, tapered jeans, and dark wash denim will skim your pear shape perfectly.
  • Avoid – Low-rise, light-blue wash denim will only look drab on your gorgeous figure. 
  • The Look – Balance out your proportions with a structured blazer, high-waisted straight-leg black jeans, a crew-neck T-shirt, and heels.



If your upper and lower bodies are in proportion and you have a shorter waist, then you have an apple body type. The goal here is to elongate the figure to create the image of curves and to define a waistline. Therefore, we focus the attention on elongating the legs creating the artistry of curves. Jeans with a high elastic waistband are a great idea, especially, if they are a skinny style and highlight your thin legs. Bootcut, ankle or tapered jeans are also super flattering to accentuate slim hips and thighs.

  • Seek Out – Bootcut, ankle, tapered or skinny jeans which will flatter your slender hips & thighs.
  • Avoid – High-waisted jeans and low-rise jeans will draw away from your beautiful assets.
  • The Look – Pair dark skinny jeans with a longer tunic top and layer with a longer blazer and flats for a figure-flattering look!


With so many styles of jeans on the market and what is β€œtrending,” it can be so difficult to choose just the right pair. However, with these simple ways to narrow down the right styles for your body type, the goal is: I hope you go out there and find the perfect pair that is right for YOU!

This post was written for Zulily. For more Life & Style posts, click here.

Bailey Stuvland is a California girl who loves talking about all things fashion. With more than ten years of styling experience for personal clients and with brands like Stitch Fix, she enjoys helping others find what they love to wear. Her mission is to help people not only look good on the outside, but feel good on the inside by having fun with outfits, accessories and beauty. You can find her blog at The Bailey Dailies.

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